Itchy Pet Month

August 3rd, 2022

Did you know that August is Itchy Pet Month? We at Vita Canis take your dog’s itchy skin problems very seriously. Jitka developed a few unique products, including Skin Relief Shampoo, Skin Relief, and Paw Butter. All these products can help and support your pooch with skin problems and itchy skin. 

“Over the years of grooming dogs, I’ve noticed an increasing number of dogs with sensitive skin and skin prone to allergic reactions. Sensitive skin is linked to the disrupted barrier function of the skin. And also, to environmental and psychological stress.” Jitka

Itchy skin

Itchy skin bothers many dogs and causes stress to many dog parents. Lots of different factors can cause itch (or pruritis). Firstly, the itch can be histamine related, like an insect bite or an allergic reaction. Secondly, non-histamine related like dry or sensitive skin. And also scars, pregnancy, and the side effect of some medications. 

A few reasons why your dog could have itchy skin:

External parasites-when your dog starts scratching, the first thing you should check for are external parasites. Especially fleas, because flea bites can make a dog uncomfortable and itchy, they can also bring about other problems.

Environmental allergies – Dogs’ skin problems are commonly caused by allergic inhalant dermatitis (hay fever, atopy). Like mould, pollen, and dust mites. When dogs inhale the pollen, they might develop atopy in the skin. Dogs don’t usually sneeze with atopy; most just become itchy, which causes them to lick, chew and scratch. Also, dogs may develop contact dermatitis when they come in contact with pesticides or some preservatives.

Ear Problems-Problems with ears are very common, and once they start scratching, it causes a vicious cycle of scratching, skin irritation, and then scratching even more. 

Dry skin– Those with dry skin know how it feels. And we also know how fragile, dry skin is and how easily it can be damaged by scratching. 

Pain-When trying to find out why your dog is licking or chewing excessively, especially his feet, be sure to consider the possibility that something is making them physically uncomfortable. For example, joint pain or arthritis. Or if you notice your dog is biting his paw repeatedly. He could have a thorn, or sharp stone stuck in his paw pad or between the pads. 

A few other possible reasons why your dog could have itchy skin:

Anal glands- if the anal glands don’t empty, they cause discomfort for the dog, so he will try to lick his back end, nibble the base of his tail, or scratch.

Food intolerance-food allergy is one of the most common allergies or hypersensitivities affecting dogs. The immune system overreacts and produces antibodies to substances it would usually tolerate.

Tight muscles- scratching will be the dog’s way of trying to soothe himself. 

Hormonal imbalances can cause superficial skin infection that makes the skin itchy. And hormonal imbalance may be a reason why your dog is itchy. 

Anxiety, stress, boredomDogs can respond to stress by nibbling, chewing, and scratching. They can even develop a condition similar to humans’ obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Vita Canis products that can help and support your dog with skin problems and itchy skin:

Skin Relief: Provides fast relief for allergic reactions and combats itching. Most importantly, it helps break the frustrating circle of itching and scratching. 

Skin Relief Shampoo: Like you and many other dog owners, scratching is a symptom you would like to see resolved for your beloved canine friend. Sadly, environmental allergies are not limited to a certain season of the year anymore. We see more and more all-year-round allergens. If you have a doggie suffering from environmental allergies and you’re desperate for a holistic solution, Skin Relief Shampoo can help with it.

Paw Butter: It will help your pet with cracked paws and noses. It is also perfect for calloused elbows and dry patches. Paw Butter is a 100% natural blend of essential oils, plant butters & oils. 

Does your doggie suffer from itchy skin?

Bea xx

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