Style to Rescue 2022 results

BIS Fran Howell with Hugo from Many Tears

Res BIS Robyn Maloney with Hugo from Doodle Aid

3rd Stacey Webb with Jamima from Many Tears

4th Carol Rodriguez with Savannah from Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue

5th Georgia Ashton Fuller with Brook from Many Tears

6th Klaudia Szonyi with Ruby from Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue

7th Mathew Spry with Lexi from Poodle from Portugal

8th Leanne Hamer with Will from Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue

9th Lakhi Thindal with Honey from Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue

10th Kim Goodier with Doris Day from Wheels to Paws UK

Best Transformation Fran Howell with Hugo

Best Handling Amy Priestley with Violet from Wheels to Paws UK

What People Say...

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Jenni Owen