Dear competitors!

We’re excited to see you on Sunday, May 12th, and we have some lovely rescue dogs coming who are so looking forward to being beautifully groomed and totally spoilt by you!

Here are the information to help you prepare for the event, so please read the following carefully:

The doors of the Kennel Club building open at 8 am for the competitors. At the entrance, you’ll draw a number, which will dictate which dog you will groom. 

Some dogs might be bathed already, but not many. 

Grooming vans will be available where you can wash and blaster your dog. After blastering, take your dog to the drying station. There will be grooming tables and stand dryers available. As we don’t know what dogs are coming and the state of their coat, we ask you to cooperate with the other competitors – like every year ūüôā 

Bathing can start as soon as the grooming vans are set up, even before 9 am. We just go with the flow! 

The Morning Session starts at 9 am and finishes at 12pm. 

During this time, you are in charge of the dog and can take your dog out, walk them around the grassy areas, and make the experience as relaxed as possible for your dog. You can have a helper if you wish, but obviously, this 2nd person can’t do any grooming!

Once you finish, the judges will come over, judge your dog, take a photo, and then you can leave the ring. 

At 12 pm, we will announce the five finalists from the morning – in no particular order!

The Afternoon Session runs from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Dogs can be bathed before 1 pm ( if you wish ).

At 4.15 pm, we will announce the five finalists from the afternoon session.

The Awards Ceremony starts at 5 pm. 

You can have your photo taken with your rescue dog before and after the grooming at the photographer’s stand 

Please ensure you bring with you the following:

  • grooming table
  • cordless clipper 
  • blades 
  • comb attachments (if you like to use them)  
  • scissors, thinners, blenders, chunkers‚Ķ 
  • comb/ combs 
  • brushes
  • hand stripping tool
  • de-shedding tools
  • restraining equipment: noose & belly strap 
  • any finishing products you like
  • non-slip footwear 
  • smile 

Shampoo, conditioner, and towels will all be supplied.

The address:

East Hall, Kennel Club Building

Stoneleigh Park

Warwickshire CV8 2LZ

Visitors info

All visitors are very welcome! Although we don’t charge admission as such, we welcome donations to the rescues attending and recommend a min. of ¬£5 per adult.

There’s lots of free parking around the Kennel Club Hall and plenty to see inside.

In addition to the grooming competition, we have SEMINARS each year and various stands, raffles, and The Groomers Bake Off competitions.



What People Say...

I have three elderly dogs, all 14 years old. They have specific needs and I wouldn’t feel safe leaving them anywhere else. They love staying with Rachel at Vita Canis dog boarding kennels! And they have been staying there for years when we are going on holiday.

I know they always get the best care and plenty of fuss. I get daily updates on how are they doing and what they have been up to.

Klaudia Szonyi