Charity Dog Grooming Competition for Rescue Dogs

Vita Canis Style To Rescue is an innovative way of supporting rescue organisations and helping rescues find their new forever homes.

I can’t believe we’re already in full swing for planning our next Vita Canis Style to Rescue competition.

The idea of organising a charity dog grooming competition was in my head for years. Its core purpose is threefold

1) To give rescue dogs a much-deserved makeover,

2) To raise rescue dogs chances of being seen and rehomed, and

3) To raise money for the wonderful people who tirelessly run the rescue centers

In 2017, after reading (numerous times) The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, I went for it… shared the idea with my friends Sam and Nicci, got them on board, booked the hall… and the rest is history!

Style to Rescue 2018

Preparing the first one was nerve-racking, it was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Taking no for an answer was the hardest… no from the rescue centers, no from the potential sponsors, no from the media… but we pulled it together and the 1st Style to Rescue in 2018 was born and was better than I ever dreamt. The dogs were relaxed, the rescue centers were thrilled and the groomers were calm, supportive, and simply amazing!!

In our first year, we raised almost £4500! And we split it between the participating rescue centers. It was an amazing feeling!!

Style to Rescue 2019

In our second year, we learned from our mistakes, and everything felt a little bit easier. We had more rescue centers working with us, plus we also now had an amazing sponsor, and we raised even more money, £3000 more to be exact bringing our total raised to almost £7500 – absolutely pawesome!!!

This year Vita Canis Style to Rescue is again nominated by the Industry achievements awards and is a finalist in the Event of the Year category!

Style to Rescue 2022

Since the start of 2022, we have organised a few online auctions in our Facebook group, we managed a national charity dog wash day, and also held raffles at other grooming events to raise even more money. Anything to reach our goal of £10k!

We were almost halfway through the raised amount when the war in Ukraine started. At the same time, I came across a charity called Underdog International. They support their partners in Ukraine and Romania, helping families and pets affected by the war in Ukraine. After discussions with the dog rescue charities we support, we decided to donate the money we’d already raised, £5k, to Underdog International. 

The last few weeks before Style to Rescue 2022 were crazy! From organising the seminars, trade stands, chasing sponsors, grooming vans, groomers, and dogs (not literally, don’t worry :). But together with my fantastic team, Vanessa and Bea, we pulled it off, and on the day, everything ran so smoothly. We had the most wonderful day! It was so lovely to see all the beautiful people from the rescue centres, the grooming buddies that turn up at Style to Rescue every year, and a lot of new faces. 

At the last-minute I added Underdog International to our list of charities for the day, and even though they couldn’t attend, my two Scotties competed under their name, they made me so proud! 

And the big question … did I meet my goal of £10k?

Well, we exceeded the goal! 

Altogether, we raised over £13k! How unbelievable is that!

Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue decided to donate their winning money of £924 to Underdog International, and Doodle Aid is forwarding them £564. It’s just incredible!

Style to Rescue 2023

Well, I can tell you it will be even bigger and better again!!!

We have even more groomers taking part. And if that’s not enough I have a long waiting list as well…

We have two amazing people to judge next year: Georgia Ashton – Fuller and Costin Stoica.

I am sure I don’t have to introduce them to you.

We have fantastic retailers coming to showcase their wares, to name a few: Muttney’s, Clipit, Fuller Frills, Monty’s Natural Treats… and many more… plus The Green Pet – who carries on the wonderful calming range from Vita Canis.

Style to Rescue 2022 will take place on Sunday, April 30th at the Stoneleigh Showground in Warwickshire.

Interesting seminars not to be missed!

Vita Canis Style to Rescue is not just a competition, there will also be a full day of highly informative talks and demos with exciting topics from some very well-known dog industry experts.

Check the seminars timetable here.

The ways to support Style to Rescue:

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What People Say...

I have three elderly dogs, all 14 years old. They have specific needs and I wouldn’t feel safe leaving them anywhere else. They love staying with Rachel at Vita Canis dog boarding kennels! And they have been staying there for years when we are going on holiday.

I know they always get the best care and plenty of fuss. I get daily updates on how are they doing and what they have been up to.

Klaudia Szonyi