Vita Canis Dog Boarding Kennels

Family-run small dog boarding kennels in rural Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
With love and dedication, we care for each dog’s individual needs.
At Vita Canis, we offer comfortable and safe accommodations for every dog. With plenty of exercise and interaction, enrichment games, and an appropriate diet. Our boarding kennel is located on the outskirt of Uttoxeter, on the Staffordshire Derbyshire border. And on the way to Alton Towers.
We understand dogs’ personalities, behavioural issues, and individual needs. We use enrichment games, aromatherapy, and a lot of personal interaction to ensure dogs enjoy their stay with us.
Your dog will love to spend its holiday with us.

Meet The Team

Jitka Krizova LCGI – founder

Vita Canis dog boarding kennels was established in 2012 by Jitka.

Jitka has a great love for animals and became a professional dog groomer in 1998. And subsequently establishing the Vita Canis Dog Grooming Salon in Slovakia. She has won many awards, including British Groomer of the Year 2006, Eurogroom Best in Show 2006, 2007, 2009, Groomania Best In Show 2010 and Mastergroom Best In Show 2012. Vita Canis Dog Grooming Salon was awarded Grooming Salon of the year 2016 at Pet Industry Federation Awards 2016. Jitka has been a member of Groom Team England for 6 years. To grow her knowledge of all things holistic, Jitka has a Diploma in Canine Massage, Reiki Level 2 qualification. Jitka is qualified in Deep Cellular Therapy with tuning forks. And has also completed a Diploma in Aromatherapy. At Vita Canis Jitka also teaches dog grooming, especially the hand stripping. She is a brand ambassador and product developer for Belgium company The Sentinel.

Rachel Averis – Kennel Manageress

Rachel is the 4th generation of the Averis family of terrier lovers and enthusiasts.
She worked at her grandmother Judy Averis’s kennels from an early age. At her nan’s she discovered her love and passion for terriers. Rachel studied Biochemistry (BSc) and Parasitology (MRes) at Aberystwyth University.
Rachel also holds C&G qualifications in Dog walking and Pet sitting.
To follow in her father’s and grandmother’s footsteps, she is a happy owner of Airedale Terrier Stevie.

Zoe Oakes – pet stylist

Zoe worked at Saredon Kennels alongside John Averis & Deb Ryan for almost ten years.
Over the years, she mastered the skill of hand stripping to the level that she was a vital part of show preparation of some of the top UK terriers like Lakeland Terrier UK Int Ch Saredon Enigma ( Alan ) Crufts Terrier Group winner 2017, UK JP Ch Saredon Masterpiece ( Preston) UK top Airedale 2021; Irish Terrier Ch Turith Adonis ( Donnie ) Top terrier 2022 and Cruft’s Terrier Group winner 2022; Ch Holbam Ace of Saredon – currently top winning Irish Terrier; and many more.
Zoe now offers her hand-stripping and pet styling skills at Vita Canis.
If your dog needs a makeover, contact Zoe on 07544229013 or her social media, Zoe’s Dog Grooming

What People Say...

We are frequent visitors to Vita Canis dog boarding kennels in Uttoxeter. That is my Glen of Imaal Terrier and my brothers Staffordshire Bull Terrier. After a long journey and passing many other kennels, both dogs cannot wait to arrive. And they are very reluctant to leave!

Rachel is the most carrying and very sensitive to the needs of each individual dog.

I have no hesitation to recommend my dog-loving friends to use the Vita Cania boarding kennel in Uttoxeter. And none have ever been disappointed, that is neither the owners nor dogs.

Cresta Garner

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