What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Down For Grooming?

May 18th, 2021

Are you trying to figure out what you can give your dog to calm him down? Especially when it comes to grooming?

Most of the dogs didn’t have a lot of exposure to different experiences last year. And even the beginning of this year.

Did you get a puppy or a new dog last year? Are you feeling daunted about how he’ll cope now when we return to everyday life? Like meeting other dogs and people, going on holiday, and regular visits to the groomers?

And is your dog overly hyper, stressed, or frightened when it comes to grooming?

Whatever the reason is, the good news is that there is a natural solution that can help your dog. To keep him calm during the grooming session.

What can I give my dog to calm down for grooming?

I developed Calming Floral Spray on years of experience working with dogs as a dog groomer. Over 20 years in the dog grooming industry have brought me across all sorts of puppies and dogs and all sorts of behaviour. From falling asleep on a grooming table to a hysterical bunch of fluff, I couldn’t even touch. And I felt I need something to help them calm, without sedating, so they can enjoy the experience and come to me happily next time. Something that would also smell nice and keep me calm without falling asleep on the grooming table.

I have always been interested in natural remedies, especially herbs and essential oils. After much research and many different blends, Calming Floral Spray was born.

How essential oils calm your dog?

Volatile molecules interact with chemical receptors in the nose that transform messages into nerve impulses. These are then directed by the olfactory bulb to various brain areas and influence the limbic system.
The limbic system is the part of the brain involved in our behavioral and emotional responses, especially when it comes to behaviors we need for survival: feeding, reproduction, and caring for our young, and fight or flight response. And the same for our dogs.
The messages also influence psychological and hormonal activity.
After inhaling calming essential oils, the behavioral changes can occur in seconds, as electrical nerve impulses travel much faster than the circulatory system.

What can I give my dog to calm down for grooming?

How to use Calming Floral Spray?

Before you go to the groomers, vets, or brush your hyper pup, gently spray him around his head. You can even spray the body, as the spray smells lovely, so it’s a perfect natural alternative to synthetic perfumes.
You can use the Calming Floral Spray as often as needed. Each dog is different. Some calm down immediately; some need a few more spritzes.

Calming Floral Spray is not a miracle cure, and you also need to work with your dog.

To help your dog to calm during grooming, also follow these steps:

1/ Get him used to different sounds and noises

You can easily improvise at home when it comes to different sounds. 

Different noises from TV and radio, the sound of a hairdryer, nose clippers, electric toothbrush… all this can prepare your dog for the noisy environment dog grooming salon can be. I would recommend getting the COA Noises & Sounds CD. This CD contains everyday sounds from inside and outside the home. 

2/ Physical contact

Just as sounds are essential, so is physical contact – and I’m not just talking about stroking your pup. One day your puppy will be handled by a vet, a groomer, or even a show judge, and he/she needs to be ready for it. While your puppy is on your lap, stroke her ears, flip them up and look inside. Touch the tail, vertebrae by vertebrae over the whole length, and gently stroke the legs from the top to the toes. Softly massage the toes and look in between the pads. This applies to the mouth too. Gently open the mouth and check the teeth and gums.

3/Regular brushing & combing.

Lastly, regular brushing and combing we have to introduce from an early age. You can find a few valuable tips in my blog, “REAL puppy grooming tips”.

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