Supporting The Planet One Change At A Time

April 22nd, 2021

Here at Vita Canis, we’re continually making eco-friendly changes and supporting the planet one change at a time. With our goal being the long-term sustainability of our products and packaging. We recently made two significant changes where we introduced a recycling scheme and started changing our labels.

Since the 16th of April, all orders placed to receive an envelope with our address and a card. You’ll find information on how to recycle our plastic spray and flip tops on the card.

1) Wash and dry the spray and/or flip-top from our products

2) Put them in the provided envelope with our address

3) Fill in your email address out on the card and put the card in the envelope

4) Post them to us and we’ll email you a 10% discount code that you can use on your next purchase.

What about the aluminum bottles?

Aluminum bottles are recyclable. Aluminum can become yet another aluminum can/bottle without losing anything in the process. Most food-grade plastics, in contrast, are “downcycled” meaning their quality degrades each time they’re rehashed. The Aluminium Association, an industry group, says that almost 75% of all the aluminum ever produced to date is still in use today. On the other hand, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances in 2017, only 9% of all plastics ever made have been recycled. Read more about it here

How to recycle our bottles:

1) Wash the bottle

2) Remove the label

3) Recycle in the recycle bin provided by your council or take it to the local recycling center.

What about labels?

Until now, our labels were not recyclable… I know… booo! But those days are over! After much research, we found the right label company for us called Green Labels. Green Labels print and supply biodegradable and compostable labels ONLY. I’m so excited!

Do you know the difference between these two terms?

Biodegradable material can be decomposed by biological activity, particularly by micro-organisms. Therefore, a biodegradable label can break down over time, but there is no time frame. It could take anything from one year to 1000 years!

Compostable means that a product can disintegrate into natural elements leaving no toxicity in the soil. The process typically takes 6-12 weeks. Compostable material, in contrast, breakdowns much quicker but they do require special conditions to do so which can be found in an industrial compost facility.

After you remove the label from the bottle, simply put it in the paper recycling.

The ones I’ve chosen for our products are produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations. And they’re also vegan! YAY! I’m planning to change all our labels over the next few months and I’ll keep you updated along the way 🙂.

In the meantime, what do you think of everything we’re doing to live in harmony with the planet?

Stay safe, Jitka xx

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My Welsh Terrier, Teddy, has been boarding with Jitka & Rachel at Vita Canis dog boarding kennels in Uttoxeter for many years. And I wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else – ever.

We always receive the warmest of welcomes when we arrive, and Teddy quickly forgets we are still there with him. He is so pleased to see the girls with whom he has bonded pawfectly as regular guest!

There are no goodbyes on offer for us when we drop him off for his holiday at Vita Canis! He’s far too excited at the prospect of his stay!!

We can leave Teddy with complete peace of mind and total confidence that he will be in the safest, kindest, most professional, and expert hands possible. It’s a home from home for Teddy in every possible way.

Vita Canis boarding kennel in Uttoxeter provides a truly individually tailored experience for each dog.

On the collection day, each dog will smell and look divine! As all Vita Canis holidaymakers are bathed and brushed before departure! An absolutely superb experience for your dog that I wholeheartedly recommend.
Sue Atkin