Singles Awareness Day

February 15th, 2022

Are you single, and you felt a bit overwhelmed with all the hearts and flowers and the push to celebrate romance and love? 

Over the past few years, I liked Valentine’s day is also called Pawlentine, or Galentine, or whatever alternative suits you. It makes it more fun! Actually, Galentine is on the 13th of February, and it’s a day for celebrating the love you have for your lady friends, whether they’re single or not. 

 And 15th February is Singles Awareness Day. 

 It’s another made-up holiday ( to be honest, I love them, as there is always something to celebrate!) and it’s a great holiday to celebrate being single and not about self-pity. 

On this day many people will wear green, as green colour is the complementary opposite of red. Single friends will send each other presents or even order themselves some flowers. Happiness is an inside job, and we don’t need another person to make us happy. We are responsible for our happiness. Don’t you agree?

The idea that we must have a partner to live life to the full is a myth. People can thrive and may even wind up with fewer regrets if they choose to live their lives without a romantic partner.

People are singles for so many reasons: things happen, they can’t find the right person, or some prefer to be single. Don’t you sometimes wish to be single? Just for a day?

People often think that if you are single, you are lonely, but it can be far from the truth. People in relationships may shift their attention from their friends to their other halves. Singles have more time to maintain their friendships. Having friends provides us with a support network and can impact our overall health. Those with solid friends’ networks are less likely to develop several health problems, including high blood pressure and depression.

So, here are a few benefits of being single:

  • Single people will get more sleep
  • They are closer to their siblings
  • Singles may have a larger social circle and more time to maintain their friendships
  • They are being able to live life on their own schedule
  • Singles tend to exercise more
  • They are often more independent and happier with themselves

Singles and pets

Pets provide great companionships and can be very therapeutic – if you are single or not. They don’t argue; they are always there for you, just happy to see you and will love you unconditionally. Pets like dogs will help you stay active while going for walks or playing with them. They can help you to make new friends more easily. 

My favourite is that pets make us laugh. And there is nothing better than a good laugh!

Happy Singles Day to all singletons!! 

Bea xx

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