Planning The Holiday With Your Pet

July 8th, 2022

Yippee, you made that decision and are going on holiday with your beloved pet. You are not alone; more and more people are making the same choice. Nowadays, it is much easier as there are many pet-friendly places. Good planning is essential. So let’s start planning the holiday with your pet!

Do you want to travel within the United Kingdom or go further? There are many things to consider so everything goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

If your pet is an anxious traveler or suffering from motion sickness. You could always get him used to traveling bit by bit. Vita Canis Calming Floral Spray helps with motion sickness and adjusting to a new environment.


When traveling to EU countries, you will need an animal health certificate. (AHC) This certificate is proof that your dog has a microchip and vaccination against rabies. Only OV- official veterinarian can issue AHC. You must take your dog to a vet and apply for a health certificate at least ten days before travel. AHC is valid for ten days to enter the EU. It will be valid for four months to re-enter the UK. 

When traveling to non-EU countries, you must obtain an export health certificate (EHC). Each country has its specific EHC requirements. 

Ways of traveling:

*By car or van: when in a vehicle, ensure that your pets are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while driving. One of the options is to put your doggie in a crate/cage with a leak-proof bottom. Or you could use a dog car seat, seatbelt harness, dog guard, or pet carrier. ( the Highway code rule 57).

*Traveling by train: dogs might travel free of charge but only max 2 per passenger for free, provided they do not endanger or inconvenience customers or staff. Dogs, unless contained in a basket, must be kept on the lead or in a harness throughout the journey, including at stations.

*Traveling by plane: there are a few pet-friendly airlines in the UK, including British Airways, Emirates, Qantas, Air New Zealand. Lufthansa, KLM, South African Airways, Air Canada, Tui Group, United, Thai Airways, Iberia, Singapore Airlines, Aeromexico, Kenya Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, and American Airlines. Check before booking a ticket. Three airlines allow pets in the cabin: KLM, Lufthansa, and TUI. This option applies only to small doggies weighing less than 8 kg. The heavier dogs will have to travel in the cargo hold. 

We are almost there, all paperwork sorted, all vaccinations done, pet-friendly accommodation booked, transportation for you, and also your pet booked. Now you just need to do the packing. I don’t know about you, but packing is my least favorite part of traveling. This time you are not packing only for yourself but have to do extra packing also for your dog.

Your pet’s travel-packing checklist:

*Toys, blankets, towels, playpen or crate, bed, dog brush

*Medication, Tick off spray, Antiseptic spray, Comfort Blend, First aid kit,

*Vaccination records, Microchipping records, AHC or EHC certificates, 

*Food, bottled water, treats, food and water bowls, collars with up-to-date tag, leash, harness, and poo bags. 

Bea xx

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I have three elderly dogs, all 14 years old. They have specific needs and I wouldn’t feel safe leaving them anywhere else. They love staying with Rachel at Vita Canis dog boarding kennels! And they have been staying there for years when we are going on holiday.

I know they always get the best care and plenty of fuss. I get daily updates on how are they doing and what they have been up to.

Klaudia Szonyi