James Webb’s Space Telescope

July 19th, 2022

Living with a space-obsessed husband teaches me something about the moons, suns, stars, space technology, new inventions, etc. Nowadays, he listens to every update about James Webb’s Space Telescope (JWST). Recently he showed me the first images of the Carina Nebula never seen before. What a fantastic sight. It looked like something out of this world. I find it all very fascinating but more from the beauty point of view. 

What is James Webb Telescope? What can we see?

The JWST is the most advanced and most expensive telescope ever built. It was launched on the 25th of December 2021. And first, images were released to the public about a week ago, on the 12th of July 2022. James Webb’s Telescope images compared to Hubble telescope images are unbelievable. It is because JWST is an infrared observatory with longer wavelength coverage.

These images tell us more about the birth and death of stars, the collision of galaxies, the early universe, and the atmospheres of exoplanets. Can you imagine that it can see almost 13.7 billion light years away? So, things we see in the images already happened long ago.

When will we get to the space? Will dogs be going with us?

For ordinary humans, there will be a chance to go to space when the Colonization of Mars starts. Colonization might probably happen in the next 8 to 30 years or so. I will be too old to go, but hopefully, I will be around to see it happen. Humans will rely on producing, repairing, recycling, and growing everything by themselves. This might also mean using more plant-based medications, essential oils, etc. 

This made me think. Will dogs be going to Mars with us too? Is it really such a crazy idea? Many people will have only a one-way ticket, and having a companion would be great. And what better companion than dogs? Don’t you think? Unfortunately, there are no plans for it to happen at the moment, but who knows? Things might change in the future. 

Dogs in space

The most famous dog in space was canine cosmonaut Laika. She was the first dog to orbit the Earth. Other famous dogs were Belka and Strelka. Strelka went on to have six puppies, one of which was given to US president J.F. Kennedy and was named Pushinka.

Bea xx

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