Skin And Its Itches

April 11th, 2020

Many factors are responsible for itchy skin in dogs.

Skin, the largest organ of the human (and a dog’s) body, is truly fascinating and has many functions. Have you ever had the thought that it holds everything together so that all our content doesn’t ‘spill out’? It also protects us from other mechanical, bacterial, and chemical dangers.

The skin has two layers – the epidermis on the top and the dermis underneath the epidermis. When we apply anything onto our (or our dog’s) skin we are applying it onto the epidermis.

Sensitive skin.

Over the years of grooming dogs, I’ve noticed an increasing number of dogs with sensitive skin and skin prone to allergic reactions. Sensitive skin is linked not only to the disrupted barrier function of the skin but also to environmental and psychological stress. Thinking about it, I’ve realised that I scratch my back when I’m stressed. If I don’t stop myself consciously it goes on and on and on and my skin eventually becomes irritated, red, even sore.

Have you noticed that dogs do the same sometimes? When stressed, they start scratching or nibbling their paws. My Rosie, when upset (because in her opinion I hadn’t given her enough treats) starts scratching her armpit. Martha, on the other hand, starts nibbling her feet when she hears the farmer’s dog outside and I don’t let her out to chase it next to the fence. Have you noticed this behaviour with your dog?

Itchy skin.

Itch (or pruritis) can be caused by many different factors. It can be histamine-related, like an insect bite or an allergic reaction, or non-histamine related like dry or sensitive skin, scars, pregnancy, and the side effect of some medications. In dogs, it can be full anal glands. They not only rub their bum on the floor when the glands are full but they can also nibble the base of their tail or back legs. Back in Slovakia, Blondie, one of my Hovawart girls, used to scratch her ears when her glands were full. Isn’t it fascinating how everything is connected?

What helps itchy skin?

Itchy skin can be caused by many factors.

Several clinical studies have shown that no matter what’s causing the itch that peppermint oil or menthol is helpful. This is why Skin Relief works in so many cases for itchy skin in dogs (and humans). Peppermint relieves any kind of skin irritation or itching and its local anaesthetic action is significant. German chamomile essential oil in Skin Relief is one of the most popular oils used for skin inflammation. Find out here why I added geranium essential oil to improve Skin Relief.

Skin Relief helps break the frustrating circle of itching and scratching thanks to this synergetic blend of essential oils, calendula oil, and hydrosols. Even my 91-year-old dad started using it after reading some feedback from Jenni Owen.

Vita Canis works on itchy skin. My mums suffers from severe back, neck, and toe itchiness. It can drive one wild…well as wild as an 89 year old clan go but seriously it causes a severe level of discomfort. We have tried every “ usual “ remedy on the market. We have been using Skin Relief and Soothing Antiseptic Spray on her back and the Vita Canis Hand Butter on her feet for three days now and the itchiness has stopped. Deep joy in this Derby household. We will carry on for another week and give an update and I am certain we will become regular users. I love the hand butter and have been using on my severely cracked heels…. thank you Vita Canis.”

And if you are not sure why your dog is scratching check these 5 possible reasons why

Keep safe!

Jitka xx

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