How Can I Calm My Stressed Dog Naturally?

May 20th, 2021

How can I calm my stressed dog naturally? Many dog parents have been asking this question over the years. But especially in the last one and a half year.

Throughout the development of Calming Floral Spray, images of all the stressed dogs that have come through my salon were never far from my mind. To see a dog in distress is heart-breaking. I had no way of explaining to them that I was there to help and make them feel better. 

Over the years, Calming Floral Spray has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs deal with stress, not only in the salon environment but in other areas of their lives too. Areas such as motion sickness, fear of fireworks, hyperactivity, and difficulties adjusting. Every success story that I receive melts my heart. This is just one from Sheila Atter, a famous breeder of Cesky Terriers here in the UK.

Xanthe’s story

How can I calm my dog naturally?

” When Xanthe was a puppy, I bred and sold, the only time I’ve ever regretted it. I couldn’t explain why, lovely family, sensible children but I wanted to run down the road after them shouting ‘bring her back.

The first year was fine, I saw her twice, not very well-groomed, but he made an effort.  At the beginning of January, he texted me and said he was getting rid of her.  And did I want her back, so I drove down to South Wales the next day and brought her home. She was nearly 2kg underweight and STANK! All was OK at first. She put weight on steadily, seemed happy, and settled. Then some months later, she had pseudomonas – it took us a pretty long time to get rid of it, and she started rubbing her head and scratching, becoming very stressed.

This behaviour has continued, even though her ears are fine. She’s seen four different vets, been prescribed steroids, had her ears flushed out under general anesthetics  – they don’t seem to be able to see past the ‘ear infection/allergy’ idea. That may be what started it, but now, to me, it’s much more of a behavioural problem.

Calming Floral Spray to the rescue.

How can I calm my stressed dog naturally? I asked myself. And I can’t think why I didn’t think of you before. I suggested your Calming Floral Spray to someone else the other day – and suddenly had a eureka moment! She’s normally a really happy, outgoing little girl, and it’s so distressing to see her when she starts, as she screams – lip licking, staring, general stress signs. I sprayed her in the morning when the spray arrived, and she hasn’t been scratching/screaming all day. She just had one now – I gave her another quick spray, and she has settled down straight away.

I wonder what she would have been like if I had kept her with me. She was terrified of everything when she first came back here. I also tried it on Erik in the morning – he’s nearly 14 and a bit senile, and when he wakes up in the morning, he wants his breakfast – NOW!!  – and has a very sharp and persistent bark that can carry on until  I feed him. First bark in the morning, and I used the Calming Floral Spray. It was like magic – he settled down and was happy to wait until I was ready!”

Stories like this make me so happy and reassure me that the work that I do IS important as it’s improving so many dogs’ lives and wellbeing. 

Have you tried Calming Floral Spray? I would love to hear your story!

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