Calming Floral Spray Or Comfort Blend?

March 21st, 2020

I’m often asked if people should rather buy Calming Floral Spray or Comfort Blend and my standard reply is to ask what the problem or issue is. Both products are calming and relaxing but they aren’t the same. Some of the essential oils I’ve used are the same but most of them are different and have different therapeutic properties and benefits. Basically, one size doesn’t fit all. 

So which product should you use – Calming Floral Spray or Comfort Blend?

My brief explanation of both products comes down to this. Calming Floral Spray is calming and uplifting and Comfort Blend is calming, relaxing, and more sedating. In stressful situations, I’d recommend that we use Calming Floral Spray


We’re all talking about stress and stressing about stress. What actually is stress? Stress is defined as a negative differential between a series of demands and the ability to cope with them. Simply said, if we, or our dog, are put out of our comfort zone, stress will quickly appear. Not all stress is bad. Some stress is necessary for personal growth, development of successful coping tactics.

Demands & stressors.

Calming Floral Spray aids in coping with these demands in a natural way. Let’s use if you want your puppy to get used to the car, as an example. If you just put the puppy in a crate or in the back seat, shut the door and then drive for half an hour. Your puppy will more than likely cry, drool, shake and even get sick or maybe pee and poo. Don’t you think that there are too many demands, too much pressure, noise, and motion perhaps? A bit much, isn’t it? After an experience like this, how would the puppy feel when approaching the car next time? Stressed, right? Other stressors in your dog’s life can be visits to the vets, groomers, fireworks.

Stress is a response to a specific stressor, in this case, the car journey, and stress typically goes away when the stressor disappears. The opposite should now happen when you train your puppy to be relaxed in the car and eventually he/she will enjoy the journeys, especially when something special is waiting for him, like a walk on the beach, in the woods, or treats at grandma’s house 😊

Essential oils that are useful when it comes to stress (and that are safe for dogs too) are:

Roman chamomile
Sweet orange and

And guess what?! You can find them all in Calming Floral Spray.

Why not just one oil then?

Not because more is better, but because well-chosen essential oils work together in harmony and synergy. They interact together and the combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effects.   


Calming Floral Spray or Comfort Blend?

I designed the Comfort Blend specifically for separation anxiety, however, it also works for doggie dementia and grief, etc. Anxiety has no identifiable root and sometimes we have to dig deep to find the cause (which is not always successful). It tends to stick around for longer than stress, and it’s more difficult to treat. It’s an uncomfortable inner feeling of fear, worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. We’ve all experienced anxiety at some point in our lives… it’s a normal human reaction to some stress, disaster, or bad luck, however, some people are constantly anxious to the point where it’s abnormal and interferes with their life.

Now, what about dogs?

A reaction to a short-term, active stressor like an unexpected bang is normal but when those behaviours become routine, they may become… you guessed it… anxiety.

Signs of anxiety in dogs are:

Dilated pupils 
Panting and trembling
Pacing and fidgeting
Avoidance of eye contact
Hiding, shutting down, and avoiding interaction

Comfort Blend, with useful oils for anxiety such as neroli, bergamot, basil, and ylang-ylang, helps in many of these cases and can bring dogs like this peace and help them to relax.

Work on your dog’s coping skills.

Can you see why it’s important to work on a dog’s coping skills from an early age? Perhaps leave her alone for a short period of time, play a bit of loud music here and there, drop something on the floor, take your puppy to as many different places as you can and expose them to as many different situations as you can. 

A well-adjusted dog finds his home safe and usually a stress-free environment. Just like many other animals dogs will scan the environment for potential threats and if there aren’t any, he’ll relax. If you find that your dog is doing this excessively or seems to be alert all the time, anxiety might be the cause.

An anxious dog might be unable to sit still or relax and it’s really hard to watch. The relaxing and sedating properties of the blend help those who are emotionally intense and even agitated. Ylang-ylang, which is found in the blend, is known for its ability to slow rapid heartbeat and breathing down which are symptoms associated with anxiety.

Feedback about Comfort Blend.

I received some great feedback about Comfort Blend from Alexa Page this week. This is what she had to say…

“I have fibromyalgia and anxiety and I use Comfort Blend to ease my muscle pain and it works miracles as well as keeping my new rescue girl calm and settled. Thank you!”

So I asked her if she inhales it or rubs it on her skin, to which she replied…

“I rub it on my skin but obviously the scent is so beautiful so that’s soothing too. I can’t believe how much better it makes me feel and Lexi absolutely loves it.”

I’m so happy that I could have helped Alexa and her dog!

Was it helpful?

I hope this has given you some insight into the two different products. If I’m asked which one of these products I’d recommend for your dog I’ll always try to get as much information as I can and do my best to choose the best suitable product.

What’s your experience with our calming products?

Jitka xx

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