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September 5th, 2022

May is our young grooming apprentice who is passionate about all animals. She has two cats & 2 snakes. May’s cats are called Rebel and Pringle, and they are black&white one-year-old sisters. Both are indoor cats, and they are not spaded.

Recently May and her boyfriend Mark moved houses, and Rebel and Pringle really struggled with the changes. They could not settle in, which worried May a lot, especially when she was at work, and they were left home alone. May then talked about it to Jitka. And she then suggested using Vita Canis Calm Cat.   

‘Both cats would always be scared of tumble dryer, of all visitors, hiding under beds and upstairs.’

How did May use Calm Cat? :

May would spray a few sprays in the air, on the sofa, on their bedding, and around her kitties, especially before any visitors were coming or when she needed to put the tumble dryer on.

‘I was amazed. The changes were instant. Rebel and Pringle would cling to the spot on the sofa or their cat towel where I applied Calm Cat. Both kitties were so chilled. Happy days for me, Happy times for my cats!’

All my family noticed the difference. Rebel and Pringle let themselves be picked up by my mum and even sit on my sister’s lap, which had never happened before. They are well settled around all visitors now. Another thing that I have noticed is that when they are on heat, Calm Cat calms them down. I rent only a tiny house, so the place for my kitties’ feeding bowls sits next to the tumble drier. They are fine now also with a noisy tumble dryer, and they will happily munch on their food while the dryer is still on. It doesn’t bother them anymore! I can’t recommend Calm Cat enough!

Does your kitty get stressed?

If you have similar problems with your cats as May had, give our Calm Cat a try! 

Calm Cat is a 100% natural calming and balancing spray for cats and other small animals.

  •  Non-sedating formula
  •  Prevents symptoms of distress
  •  Promotes relaxation
  •  Use during fireworks, storms, car journeys, visits to a vet or a groomer
  •  Alternative to artificial pheromone essence

It is a UK-made, calming, natural remedy for cats, a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to artificial pheromone essence.

What groomers think:

“I use the Calm Cat when I groom my Persian Cat, and the spray works incredibly! No more scratches on my hands!!”

~Vasileios Barlos, Purplebone Dog Grooming, London

I have been grooming cats and dogs for over 35 years and followed with great interest developments in both areas. Cat grooming has many challenges, none more so than in keeping a cat compliant and calm throughout the groom. I have consistently found that remedies that claim to calm cats can also heighten some behaviours, making a groom more difficult. The Vita Canis Calm Cat spray has proved to be effective and versatile on all cats, from cats that travel badly, which is a big problem for a lot of owners, to cats that are especially lively and difficult to handle and groom. An area can be misted quickly, helping to keep calm even aggressive cats. ”

~Julie Harris, The Groomers Spotlight 

Bea xx

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What People Say...

We are frequent visitors to Vita Canis dog boarding kennels in Uttoxeter. That is my Glen of Imaal Terrier and my brothers Staffordshire Bull Terrier. After a long journey and passing many other kennels, both dogs cannot wait to arrive. And they are very reluctant to leave!

Rachel is the most carrying and very sensitive to the needs of each individual dog.

I have no hesitation to recommend my dog-loving friends to use the Vita Cania boarding kennel in Uttoxeter. And none have ever been disappointed, that is neither the owners nor dogs.

Cresta Garner