April, And Its Awareness Days Related To Animals

April 8th, 2021

April is a month packed with awareness days related to animals. This is not just so that we can celebrate but also make us stop, pause and think.

Prevent Lyme Disease in dogs month

Protect your dog the natural way with Tick Off

Lyme Disease Awareness Month follows Tick Bite Prevention Week in March. It’s a reminder to us that ticks are here and they’re not going anywhere. Ticks carry several diseases, not only the well-known Lyme disease. One of these diseases is tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). There are a few others, however, these are the two most prevalent in Europe.

According to the NHS website, the chance of catching Lyme disease from an individual tick ranges from roughly 0 to 50 percent and it depends on three factors: the tick species, where the tick came from, and how long it was biting you for. We’re all very concerned about our dogs catching ticks but we need to protect ourselves too.

National Pet Month

National Pet Month (1 April until 10 May 2020) is the perfect month for us animal lovers! Every year National Pet Month brings together animal welfare charities, professional bodies, businesses, and schools to promote good pet ownership, raise funds for good causes, and have fun!

Would you like to support a good cause? Why not choose Style to Rescue 😊? You can donate here or you can join our amazing webinars on the 25th of April. Fantastic speakers will be getting together to raise money for Style to Rescue thereby benefitting the amazing dog rescues we support.

National Pet First Aid Month

Is pet first aid something you’ve been thinking of? Hesitate no more! Go have a look at the amazing Dr. Sophie Bell’s website to find out more.

And there is more to come … follow us on social media and find out more about dog-related awarness days.

Stay safe, Jika xx

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