4 Tips On How To Use Comfort Blend For Separation Anxiety

December 5th, 2020

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Are you perhaps worrying that when you go back to work, after this second lockdown, that he might become anxious? Comfort Blend can help.

Separation anxiety is a common problem and the number of dogs affected increased after our initial lockdown.

I designed Comfort Blend specifically for separation anxiety. But the blend can also be used to help dogs with distress, sadness, or grief as well as dogs that have difficulty adjusting to unfamiliar circumstances. From my own experience, as well as feedback from so many clients, I also know that Comfort Blend works well for senior dogs with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction(also known as doggie dementia). Many clients have also reported finding that Comfort Blend has significantly helped their dogs who suffer from extreme separation anxiety.

So, what’s in Comfort Blend you may wonder?

Each ingredient found inside Comfort Blend was handpicked by me to give your dog a little something extra to keep calm. These 100% natural essential oils aim to relax your dog as well as strengthen his nervous system. Find out here what every drop of Comfort Blend holds.

If you are yet to give Comfort Blend a try, one of your questions may be how to use it?

Here are my 4 tips on how to use Comfort Blend:

1) Topically on your dog’s chest

For best results apply Comfort Blend topically on your dog’s chest where it can be inhaled. Inhalation is the fastest method in which essential oils work. There’s plenty of surface area in your dog’s nasal cavities for the vascular absorption of the essential oil molecules. Apply 1 – 6 drops of Comfort Blend on your dog’s chest depending on the size of the dog. If you want to just “take the edge off”, use less drops and if you want your dog to be extremely relaxed (or even take a nap), apply a few more drops.

2) When crate training your puppy put a drop of Comfort Blend on the blanket in the crate.
3) Combine Comfort Blend with a relaxing massage or Tellington Touch method to enhance relaxation.

Apply 1 – 2 drops on your hand before using any of these methods.

4) You can use Comfort Blend in your favourite oil burner.

Just by adding 2 – 3 drops to water. Just be aware that the blend is oily so it will leave the inside surface of your burner oily.

I hope you found these tips useful.

Jitka xx

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Hi Jitka, I contacted you about your Skin Relief Spray and your Hand Butter about a week ago as my 89-year-old mum suffers from terribly itchy skin. We’ve tried almost every skin product from the usual chemists and have resorted to antihistamines after checking they are okay with mums other atrial fibrillation tabs.

Unfortunately, these can cause nose bleeds so a new remedy was required. We’ve been using the Vita Canis Soothing Antiseptic Spray for thee days and her back is no longer driving her mad with itching. The Hand Butter has been applied to her feet with the same excellent results. We will continue using the spray and butter and I will give you another update next week but things are looking promising.
Jenni Owen