World Thinking Day

February 22nd, 2022

World thinking day is celebrated since 1926. This day is a day of international friendship and always has a theme.  The theme for World Thinking Day 2022 is Our World, Our Equal Future. For many young people, the number one worry is the environment. 

Do you think about the environment? 

Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough for the environment? 

Do you feel the eco guilt? 

When I start to feel this way, I gently remind myself that although I can’t lower my environmental footprint overnight, I can be mindful of my decisions regarding what to buy and what to use.

We can all make small changes in our lives that move towards a greener, minimal waste, or even zero waste lifestyle. Little things, like: 

Think and refuse a plastic bag.

Yes, I can carry all ten oranges and five lemons and a bunch of bananas in my pockets and arms; thank you very much! When I was growing up in Slovakia, there were no plastic bags. And I assume it was the same here in the UK and everywhere else. So, if we wanted to do any shopping, we had to bring a shopping bag with us. It was a no-brainer. Supermarkets thought people would buy less if they charged them for plastic bags. I don’t think it works. While they are there, people will buy them and use them. So, why not go cold turkey, stop making them & then people won’t buy them! Simples!

Think and pick the unwrapped broccoli or courgettes instead of the wrapped ones.

That one is easy… but not always possible ( even though I’m not too fond of the word impossible). Why do they need to be wrapped anyway? Courgettes, cucumber, onion, they have a pretty thick skin anyway, so why the extra cover? Or avocados, lemon, oranges…why?

Think and ask for no straw.

I always ask for no straw. But sometimes it goes thru the waitress’s ear in through another one out. And still, bring me a straw. Recently, we went to Tenerife, and every time I asked for no straw, they got me one. John said, just stop asking them; they are obviously not listening. I said yes, but at least I tried, making me feel better. 

Think and choose a tin over a plastic bottle.

If you can’t bring your drink in a reusable bottle, get a can instead of a plastic bottle. It doesn’t have to be a fizzy drink if you prefer water. There is water in cans at petrol stations, and shops as well. 

Aluminum bottles and tins are recyclable. Aluminum can become yet another aluminum can/bottle without losing anything in the process. Most food-grade plastics, in contrast, are “downcycled” meaning their quality degrades each time they’re rehashed. The Aluminium Association, an industry group, says that almost 75% of all the aluminum ever produced to date is still in use today. On the other hand, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances in 2017, only 9% of all plastics ever made have been recycled. 

Think and act on it! There really are so many ways! 

Like sending us our plastic and flip tops back.

Since the 16th of April 2021, all orders placed to receive an envelope with our address and a card. You can find information on recycling our plastic spray and flip tops on the card.

1) Wash and dry the spray and/or flip-top from our products

2) Put them in the provided envelope with our address

3) Fill in your email address on the card and put the card in the envelope

4) Post them to us, and we’ll email you a 10% discount code that you can use on your next purchase.

Thank you for using our products, and I can’t wait to receive your used plastic tops!!

Jitka xx

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Just to let you know we LOVE the Comfort Blend we got from you at Crufts. The girls love the smell and try to lick it, and I find walks are a lot calmer these days. THANK YOU!! Calming Floral Spray is next on my list and maybe a burner with some stones.”
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