Why Do Natural Products Cost More?

May 25th, 2021

Have you wondered why natural products cost more than their conventional synthetic equivalents? You might also be questioning if natural pet products are indeed better for your pets?

Throughout the years of working in this industry, I’ve come across many people who love the idea of using natural products for themselves, as well as their dogs but find the price excessive. When I shop for any product, for my dogs or myself, I look for words like “all-natural,” “vegan” (this is a must for me), “organic” or “ethically sourced.” These buzzwords mean that the ingredients I’m putting in and on our bodies are primarily plant-based and naturally sourced. This also means that I’m expecting to pay a higher price than buying “normal” or “standard” products.

As the owner of a small brand of natural aromatherapy products for dogs, I know why this is.

Let me explain.
Why do natural products cost more?

Natural plant ingredients come from the earth. This means that they weren’t developed in a laboratory and then manufactured into massive quantities.

For example, essential oils come from different plants, different parts of plants, and different parts of the world.
Some of the plants are easier to grow and maintain than others. And the form of extractions are different and different amounts of plant matter is needed.
To produce a 45g of rose essential oil, 907.2kg of rose petals are required! Therefore 10ml of rose essential oil costs about £200!

And also, these plants grow in different parts of the world; for example, tea tree oil often comes from Australia, German chamomile from Hungary, rose from Bulgaria…

Few more examples:
Jasmine is almost 100 x’s more expensive than grapefruit.
Sandalwood is approximately 4 x’s more expensive than lime.

People who grow plants to produce essential oils, hydrosols, oils, butters, and herbal teas, etc., put a lot of time and effort into growing and harvesting the plants, distilling the oils, and then cold pressing them. They also rely on other factors like weather and insects, for example. All these factors are variable and affect the price of the natural ingredients. Oh, and let’s not forget Brexit as another factor!

Big companies are also able to order tens of thousands and even millions of units while smaller companies pay for cost per item. Naturally, this will then come with a much higher price as pricing is based on volume. Smaller companies like myself spend more than larger companies because we make smaller units. Make sense?

Now, with this in mind you might be thinking “sure Jitka, I get that, but how can we make natural products cost less?”

The answer is simple: demand and supply. The more informed customers are and the more they buy natural products, the more affordable they’ll become. Simple! Even though we’re all wanting to save money, should the price tag be the reason that we expose ourselves and our dogs to toxic chemicals just so that we can save a few pounds?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

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