What Essential Oils Are Safe For Dog Shampoo?

July 20th, 2021

In my previous blog, I described how to add essential oils to your dog’s shampoo safely and where to get good quality essential oils.
In this blog, I’m giving you a few examples of essential oils safe for dog shampoo.

There could be a few reasons why you want to add essential oils to your dog’s shampoo. You want him to smell fresh, to keep calm during bathing, to repel insects, to soothes his skin.

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Dog Shampoo?

5 essential oils for a fresh smelling coat

Peppermint – minty herbal aroma; antiseptic, stimulating with insect repelling properties
Lemon – crispy, sharp smelling oil with antibacterial, deodorising, and insect-repelling properties
Lemongrass – grassy, citrusy smelling oil with antiseptic and deodorising properties
Spearmint – fresh and minty smelling oil, with antiseptic and insect repelling properties
Grapefruit – fresh, crispy, bright aroma; delightful essential oil with disinfectant properties

5 calming essential oils 

Lavender – sweet herbal, floral aroma; antidepressant, nervine (strengthens nervous system) , sedative
Neroli – sweet, floral aroma; antidepressant, nervine, deodorant
Sweet orange – sweet, citrusy aroma; antidepressant, sedative
Sweet basil – herbal, slightly spicy aroma; antidepressant, nervine, cephalic ( stimulates and clears the mind)
Frankincense – fresh, green, warm aroma; sedative, elevates anxiety

5 skin soothing essential oils 

Geranium – rose-like aroma; anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic
Helichrysum (Everlasting) – herbal, honey-like aroma; anti-inflammatory properties; antimicrobial, antiseptic
Niaouli – freshly smelling oil with; analgesic, antiseptic, bactericide
German chamomile – deep woodsy aroma; anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory
Peppermint – sweet minty aroma; relieves skin irritation and itching, antiseptic

Before you add any essential oils to your dog’s shampoo, dilute them in Solubol or fractioned coconut oil. Use 4 drops of Solubol for every 1 drop of essential oil.
For 100ml shampoo, add 8 drops of essential oil to 32 drops of Solubol; mix well and add to your dog’s shampoo.

What essential oils would you choose for your dog’s shampoo?

Jitka xx

2 thoughts on "What Essential Oils Are Safe For Dog Shampoo?"

  1. Sarah and Dolly | Life with Pets ( 25th July 2021 at 4:11 pm )

    So many lovely oils to choose from, for Dolly I’d pick Geranium for it’a anti-inflammatory properties, lavender and neroli for their divine scents and calming properties 🙂

    • jitka ( 26th July 2021 at 6:24 am )

      Great choice! I love all three!


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