Walk Your Dog Month

January 13th, 2022

Did you know that January is International Walk Your Dog Month? 

How cool is it that a whole month celebrates this great activity?

I guess it makes sense that January is Walk Your Dog Month. After all those festive days full of indulgence, overeating, and spending more time indoors than outdoors, it’s much needed.

January is a cold & wet month, so it might give us extra motivation ( or a kick…) to get off the settee more often and take our pet for a walk. 

I don’t walk enough. I always come up with some silly excuse. Either I am too busy, or it’s too wet. Or too cold, too late, too dark, or I don’t want to walk on my own. At least I am lucky that I get to walk doggies in Jitka’ s kennels here and there.

As you know, I am not a doggie mum, so I utterly enjoy those walks. They break my day and clear my head, ready for more office work. I talk to all the dogs while walking as I rarely meet another walker on that path. Dogs are such great listeners!!! Walks lift my mood, and I feel so much better, always buzzing. 

Why are regular walks good for your dog?

*They love it & makes them happy

*It’s a great bonding time

*Health benefits: joint health, digestion, and urinary health. Regular walks keep them in shape. “An active dog is a healthier dog”

*Mental health-anxiety and stress relief, emotional health


Walking your dog tips:

*Allow your dog to have a good sniff around as it is good for his mental stimulation

*Add a few games to your walking routine

*Try varied walk: walk at an average pace for about a minute and then speed walk for about 30 seconds

*Always have some treats on hand

*Ask before approaching other dogs

*Make sure your dog is wearing identifications tags

* And make sure you have poo bags with you!

What are your favourite dog walking tips?

Happy dog walking!!

Bea xx

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Rachel is the most carrying and very sensitive to the needs of each individual dog.

I have no hesitation to recommend my dog-loving friends to use the Vita Cania boarding kennel in Uttoxeter. And none have ever been disappointed, that is neither the owners nor dogs.

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