Vita Canis Christmas Best Sellers

December 14th, 2021

Can you guess this year’s Vita Canis Christmas Best Sellers?

There are some lovely surprises in this year’s Christmas top 3 best sellers chart. And we are so happy about it.

#1 Calming Floral Spray

Ta daaaaaaaa: First place goes to our ever-popular Calming Floral Spray!! It didn’t disappoint and kept its 1st place every year from the start of Vita Canis. This product is just simply amazing! Are we bragging too much? We don’t think so! Prove is in the pudding. Or shall we say in the bottle? 

#2 Comfort Blend

This year we had one big addition to our usual Comfort Blend 100ml. We created a handy mini version of Comfort Blend-Comfort Blend-roll on 10ml for your handbag or when you are on the go with your dog. And this miniature version proved to be very popular.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a common problem. The number of affected dogs increased after our initial lockdown.
Anxiety has no identifiable root, and sometimes, we have to dig deep to find the cause (which is not always successful). It tends to stick around for longer than stress, and it’s more difficult to treat.

I handpicked each ingredient found inside Comfort Blend to give your dog a little something extra to keep calm. These 100% natural essential oils aim to relax your dog as well as strengthen his nervous system.
For best results, we recommend applying Comfort Blend topically on your dog’s chest, where he can inhale it easily. Inhalation is the fastest method in which essential oils work. There’s plenty of surface area in your dog’s nasal cavities for the vascular absorption of the essential oil molecules. Apply 1 – 6 drops of Comfort Blend on your dog’s chest, depending on the size of the dog. If you want to just “take the edge off” apply just a few drops and if you want your dog to be extremely relaxed (or even take a nap), apply a few more drops.

#3 Skin Relief Shampoo & Paw Butter

And now the big surprise. This Christmas season, there is joined 3rd place. Our veteran Paw butter is sharing it very closely with our newbie Skin Relief Shampoo, gaining more and more popularity. We are receiving lots of amazing feedback from our customers on a daily basis.
These two went hand in hand in many orders, well before Christmas. And that gave us an idea to design the Skin Relief Bundle. Have you seen it?

How can our Best Sellers help your dog during the festive season?

Calming Floral Spray will help your dog adjust to new situations, like too many visitors, New Year’s parties, and fireworks. Bust also with motion sickness if you are traveling to visit your relatives or friends. And to be honest, it can also help you keep calm this festive season.

Comfort Blend can help this Christmas season with separation anxiety if you have to leave your dog home alone or leave him with a dog sitter or boarding kennels. In my kennels, it works a treat! And I think using aromatherapy in my boarding kennels makes all the dogs feel comfortable, relaxed, and they love to come back. 

Skin Relief Shampoo soothes itchy skin any time of the year. Christmas is not any different. 

Paw Butter will keep your dog’s paws protected during this wet, cold winter. And don’t forget Paw Butter is also great for dry noses, calloused elbows, and dry patches. ( Jitka’s confession: I use it on my heels, and they never felt better) 

Why do customers love our Christmas Best Sellers?

Well, we believe that answer is in all the feedbacks and reviews received from you! Our lovely customers. Your support and feedback help us immensely to get better and to keep improving.
You like to come back to us and buy your favorite products to help your dogs, to improve their lives, and even treat yourself or your friends. Thank you!

Jitka & Bea xx

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