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Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning

The Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning system is non-invasive and effective.  It will benefit not only the dog’s teeth but their health in general as unhealthy teeth and gums will affect the dog’s whole body.  It enables you to keep your own dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line to kill germs and bacteria and cleans the teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar.  At the same time, it increases the blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding.

The Emmi-Pet effectively combats:

  • Gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Oral cavity diseases
  • Plaque and tartar build-up
  • Bad breath

It is estimated that by the time they are 2 years old, 80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease.

The Emmi-pet toothbrush is vibration free and no brushing is necessary.

How often:

This will vary from dog to dog.  For dogs with a build-up of tartar it is advisable to do the treatment every day for around 7 – 10 days. After this time, the tartar will have thinned and softened and we should be able to flick it off easily with our nail or a dental scaler.

Once the dog’s teeth have improved, we can then offer the service on a weekly basis or even just when the dog comes in for grooming. This will be better than doing nothing at all and will help to maintain the health of the dog’s teeth. If you notice tartar starting to re-appear, you can do another burst of sessions to sort the problem.

It really is a very flexible system and is very satisfying to see the benefits you are providing for the dog’s health.


  • First visit to cover the cost of the brush head: £30
  • Subsequent visits: £15

What People Say...

When we got home from the hospital with our new arrival it was clear that Perri, one of our miniature poodles, maternal instincts kicked in and went into overdrive. She was immediately acting like a mother separated from her pups and just wanted to care for the ‘naked puppy’. She has a history of being so motherly, even to the point that she has produced milk for puppies that aren’t hers even before she had a litter and has mothered every type of animal she could. She was panting, pacing and unable to relax for long at all. She could whine for England!

We tried other herbal remedies we had at hand for a previous anxious dog and nothing worked at all. She stopped eating and stressed herself into overheating too. Her stress was starting to impact the other dogs and she just couldn’t unwind. No matter if we worked off her energy with a walk and she wasn’t even interested in her usual mind games or call games. We also couldn’t offer long-lasting treats and chews too often as they gave her an upset stomach.

As soon as the Calming Floral Spray arrived I gave the bed a spritz and put some on her coat and the change was instant. She just got on her bed and fell asleep. She stopped panting and barely whines now, started eating again and she only does a bit of whining if the baby cries. We have now been able to positively reinforce her calm behaviour. I honestly can’t recommend this enough to people.
Natalie Griffiths