The Summer Bundle


Buy the Summer Bundle this month, and you will love the saving of  £10.

In the Summer Bundle you can find:

  •  Tick off 100ml
  •  Insect Repelling Citrus Spray 100ml
  •  Bodyguard Insect Repellent Bracelet for people – pink
  •  Bodyguard Insect Repellent Bracelet for people – blue
  •  Hand Butter 40g


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In the Summer Bundle, you can find Tick Off, Insect Repelling Citrus Spray, Hand Butter, and two Bodyguard – Insect Repellent Bracelets, one pink and one blue.

Tick off 100ml

Let’s face it … it’s no fun having to remove ticks from your dog. Ticks are ugly, they can transmit disease, and they are just plain creepy!

Vita Canis Tick Off contains high-quality essential oils which naturally repel ticks.

Ticks live not only in rural areas but in urban parks & gardens too, and if your dogs play in wooded areas, it is almost certain that at least once in a while he/she will probably pick up a tick (or two).

It is really important to check your dog for ticks and remove them promptly. If removed promptly, usually within 24-36 hours of being bitten, hopefully, it will not be able to infect your dog. For this reason, you should check your dog for ticks on a regular basis. And use a preventative treatment all year round.

Use from 12 weeks old. Use 2- 3 times a week in high season, or even every day. Depends on the area you live or visiting  (July – October).

Insect Repelling Citrus Spray 100ml

When I decided to develop insect, flea, and tick repelling products I wanted them to be safe. But not only for our dogs and us but also for the environment. Commercial repellents contain synthetic ingredients that repel insects, fleas, and/or ticks. However many of them have been linked to skin irritation, negative respiratory effects, and rashes. As well as having a negative effect on bees, fish, birds and the environment in general.

When summertime comes, insects will become a significant problem for dogs. Continual fly bites to the ears and noses of pets can lead to serious damage, infection, and in severe cases, death of the tissue. Flies carry bacteria and are capable of causing not only damage to the body of your dog but serious stress and discomfort if not repelled.

100% natural and effective Insect Repelling Citrus Spray has a refreshing, bright, fresh aroma. The high-quality essential oils used in this spray have insect-repelling properties. This vegan & cruelty-free blend of essential oils and hydrosols is harmless to dogs, large animals, and humans but intolerable to fleas, mosquitos, horse flies, wasps, ants…

Bodyguard – Insect Repellent Bracelet

Mosquitoes and other biting insects are a huge problem for those who like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors during the warmer months; being eaten alive by these pests has the potential to quickly turn your summer dream into a nightmare. The bracelet with essential oils is a highly effective means of providing protection against mosquitos, ticks, fleas, wasps, and bees. It has a fresh lavender smell and contains ingredients, which repel insects.

With the insect repellent bracelet, you achieve essentially the same effect that you do with a lotion, spray, or roll-on repellent.  But without getting sticky residues on your skin, stains on your clothing, and the bracelet will last at least 3 weeks after taking out of the packet.

Hand Butter 40g

A silky, hydrating, and luxuriously thick whipped moisturizer. Hand Butter is rich in shea butter and natural oils to replenish and revitalize dry skin.

Vita Canis Hand Butter is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving hands soft and protecting dry and damaged skin from harsh environments. Also smoothens the skin after sunbathing.


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