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The Mini Bundle


In the Mini Bundle you can find:

❤️ Calming Floral Spray 30ml

❤️ Comfort Blend roll-on 10ml

❤️ Paw Butter 10g

❤️ Ear Cleaner 30ml

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Vita Canis Mini Bundle is a bundle of 100% natural remedies for you and your dog.
In the Mini Bundle  you can find mini Paw Butter, pocket size Calming Floral Spray 30ml & Comfort Blend, and small but mighty Ear Cleaner.

I fill a medium craft box with cream cut shredded paper. Then I carefully place in the Paw Butter, Calming Floral Spray, Comfort Blend, Ear Cleaner,  and finish it with a stylish ribbon.

Small things sometimes mean a whole lot! 


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What People Say...

Used you’re Calming Floral  Spray yesterday was so impressed with it . I had a dog in my salon that has dryer seizures and gets anxious. I sprayed it around her and was remarkable the difference in her behaviour. It actually worked so well I had to check dog was okay she was very relaxed snoozing I’ve tried other remedy’s with no real effect shall be sticking with your calming spray from now on 😍
Lisa Addison