Paw Butter


Paw Butter is a 100% natural blend of essential oils, plant butters & oils for:

  •  Dry cracked paws & noses
  •  Calloused elbows
  •  Dry patches

Paw Butter is:

  •  Deeply moisturizing
  •  Nourishing
  •  Lick – safe

Paw Butter is non-toxic and free from:

  •  Synthetic ingredients
  •  Synthetic fragrances
  •  Petrochemicals




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Paw Butter is formulated for dry, cracked paws, noses, and elbows in dogs. Our paw balm is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Paw Butter has a pleasant earthy aroma. UK-made Paw Butter is deeply moisturising and nourishing, lick-safe, with no synthetic ingredients and fragrances.

Paw Butter is silky smooth and a tiny bit goes a long way.

In general, butters are oil-based products, which means they don’t contain water. There are also different types of butters like whipped (Vita Canis Hand Butter and  Paw Butter), with beeswax, or even the bar type. Butters with beeswax in them are firmer and harder to absorb. Whilst the whipped butters absorb more easily into the skin.

Shea Butter

Our paw balm contains Shea Butter that helps cell regeneration. It is a humectant (absorbs moisture from the air) so it is also excellent for dry paws.

German chamomile essential oil

One of the essential oils that you can find in our Paw Butter is German chamomile. It has excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and cicatrizant (healing properties, such as when our bodies form scar tissues). German chamomile also relieves itchy skin.

Not just for paws…

“Bella attends hydrotherapy sessions every two weeks but the necessary chemicals in the water have stripped her skin and coat of its natural oils and she often bites and scratches herself causing red patches and baldness! I spoke with Jitka who suggested trying Vita Canis Paw Butter to create a barrier before swimming and to help soothe the skin after swimming. Paw Butter has made such a difference to Bella when the wax has been applied Bella’s skin doesn’t rage red and if we see her nibbling we apply the butter and she stops. This has allowed her coat to grow again and much improve her quality of life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vita Canis Paw Butter.
Dawn Inett, Carradine Cairn Terriers.

Need to Know


  • Shea Butter – helps cell regeneration
  • Neem Oil – antibacterial, actively fights against viruses, are deadly to 14 different types of yeast
  • Olive Oil – anti-inflammatory properties as well as helping to moisturise and soften the skin
  • German Chamomile Essential Oil – anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and relieves itchy skin
  • Lavender Essential Oil – antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal

The direction of use:

Apply a small amount on dry skin, paw pad, nose, elbow, and gently massage in.


For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep away from children. Do not use it on cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog licks his paws is it safe?

Yes, the Paw Butter is lick safe.

My dog ate half of the paw butter from the box, shall I seek medical advice?

No need for that. Your dog may have a bit loose stool because the Paw Butter is oily.

Does Paw Butter help for itchy paws?

Yes, it can help with itchy paws, however, I would recommend Skin Relief as it is more effective.

On the label, it says “no for internal use” does it mean it is not lick safe?

Not for internal use means it is not a food supplement, and we do not want people to add the Paw Butter to dog’s food. But it is lick safe.

My dog is on medication is it safe to use Paw Butter?

Yes, it is.

Can I use Paw Butter with other Vita Canis products at the same time?

Yes, you can.

How long will it last when applied before I must reapply?

When you feel the skin or a paw is dry, you can reply again.

What other animals can I use Paw Butter on?

Any large animals like horses, donkeys, sheep, cows…

Does the product smell of anything?

Paw Butter smell earthy.

Is Paw Butter suitable for all breeds?

Yes, the Paw Butter is suitable for all breeds.

Is Paw Butter safe for puppies?

Yes, it is safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age.

How long does the product last after opening?

The product should be used within 12 months from opening.

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What People Say...

Just to let you know we LOVE the Comfort Blend we got from you at Crufts. The girls love the smell and try to lick it, and I find walks are a lot calmer these days. THANK YOU!! Calming Floral Spray is next on my list and maybe a burner with some stones.”
Savannah and Jasmine are  two lovely Italian Greyhounds, and you can find them on Instagram @sister.iggies.ig