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Buy 1 Calming Floral Spray 250ml and 1 Calming Floral Spray 100ml, and you will love the saving of £9.

Vita Canis Calming Floral Spray is a natural calming remedy for dogs.

This vegan and a cruelty-free blend of essential oils and hydrosols helps your dog to deal with stress the natural way.
This natural remedy is great for firework fear, motion sickness, adjusting to new environments, visits to vets and dog groomers.
Highly recommended by dog professionals.

Calming Floral Spray is suitable for large animals, e.g. horses, donkeys, sheep, goats… and humans.


We’re all talking about stress and stressing about stress. What actually is stress? Stress is defined as a negative differential between a series of demands and the ability to cope with them. Simply said, if we, or our dog, are put out of our comfort zone, stress will quickly appear. Not all stress is bad. Some stress is necessary for personal growth, development of successful coping tactics.
Calming Floral Spray aids in coping with these demands in a natural way.

Stressed Dog.

Dogs can become stressed by environmental changes like moving to a new home. And also getting another pet or even having a baby. All this can affect a normally happy dog. And it may take some time for the dog to adjust.
Something else that happens is if we’re stressed. Our dogs are able to pick it up from our energy. Consequently may begin to feel the same way we do, without understanding why.
A stressed dog is very often highly reactive. He’ll become jumpy and vocal. His pupils will dilate and he may even shake and salivate. Other signs of stress are self-calming practices like yawning, lip licking. Also excessive self-grooming and excessive sniffing.
Chronic stress can cause diarrhea or constipation, decrease appetite, increase sleeping and the dog may also start isolating himself from others. Aggression towards other dogs, animals, or people can also be a sign of a stressed dog.


” Love Calming Floral Spray! It is brilliant for so many things!  Including nervous travelers.”

Yoli Kirkwood, UK

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What People Say...

Used you’re Calming Floral  Spray yesterday was so impressed with it . I had a dog in my salon that has dryer seizures and gets anxious. I sprayed it around her and was remarkable the difference in her behaviour. It actually worked so well I had to check dog was okay she was very relaxed snoozing I’ve tried other remedy’s with no real effect shall be sticking with your calming spray from now on 😍
Lisa Addison