Aromatherapy for Dog Groomers – The Ultimate E-Guide


Get 35+ pages of Easy to Make Recipes & Blends using Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Plant Oils & Butters.

When it comes to essentials oils, you can find a lot of free information online. BUT it’s scattered across so many different sites and resources.

And it can take a lot of time and effort to learn everything you want to know about essential oils and dogs.

That’s why I finally decided to put my years of knowledge of essential oils and holistic grooming all in one place for you!

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More and more people are turning to more natural, less processed products, food and cosmetics. We do it not only for ourselves but also for our animals. And in many cases, we care more about what we give and how we treat our dogs than we do for ourselves! Hands up who is reading and analysing all the ingredients on your dog’s food or shampoo and then orders KFC for dinner? Been there, done it .

It is up to us to know what we are looking for when choosing natural products, we need to do our homework not just rely on the labels.

True aromatherapy with its essential oils and hydrosols, is one of these natural product groups.

Need to Know

The download link is only available for 3 days from the purchase day.

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