Our Day-To-Day Life During The Christmas Season

December 16th, 2021

What is your day-to-day life during the Christmas season like?
Ours is not much different from any other day.
Here we are, sharing with you about our day-to-day life during the Christmas season.


During festive chaos, my life is not much different from my other days. They can be quite hectic to start with and slow down toward the evening. I am an early bird as I like to chill a bit with a cup of coffee before I leave for work. I work full-time for Jitka in a week, and I still do a bit of banking as a support worker with LD at my old place when they need me. The care sector is desperate for staff. You could say I am a workaholic, but I like working.

When I get home from work, I start cooking and doing other usual house chores; you know how it is. Cooking is a bit more complicated as I am a vegetarian, and Owen is not. He won’t eat any of my nice food. He is only two veg and meat man.
(Forget the pasta; he won’t touch it with a stick)

I am also doing lots of babysitting. I have my 23 month old grandson at least twice a week after work. Sometimes he will stay with us also overnight, and he is full-on so that I would appreciate an early night. To be honest, I am looking forward to early nights more and more.

Then I will try to keep in touch with my family and friends as much as possible, so I will have lots of facetime, skype calls, etc. None of my Slovak family lives in the UK, and it’s very important to me to keep in touch. . I am also doing lots of Christmas presents hunting. I like to find useful and practical presents but will still be appreciated. It’s not an easy task. My brain is always on the go.

I am a vivid book reader, so you won’t find me far from my electronic book. I do also study languages on Duolingo. It’s convenient as you can do it on your phone on the go or at home on the computer.
I like to spend time with my husband when we talk about our day or everything. I will have mostly chilled evenings filled with telly, books, chats with husband, playing with grandson, or facetime calls.


Like Bea’s, my days are not much different during the festive season from those of my other days.
I wake up early, so I can spend the first hour of my day with myself. After letting my dogs out, I do a few minutes of yoga, followed by morning meditation and 5 minutes cold shower. It’s so refreshing! Then I pour myself a nice cup of coffee and journal. Just a free flow writing, whatever comes to my mind, to clear my head.

If I have dogs for boarding, I’ll go there about seven – half seven. I’ll let them all out, clean the kennels, walk them all, feed them, and of course, give them all cuddles. I walk my boarding dogs at least three times a day, so my step counting is pretty good all year round. And of course, I walk my dogs too!

During the day, I deal with emails, content creation, social media, and all the little important things that keep a small business in the flow. And of course, kennels.
I love running and going to the gym with John, trying to fit one of those activities every day.

Same as Bea, I love books. One of my daily habits, I adopted while doing the 75 Hard Challenge, is to read at least ten pages of a non-fictional book. I did 75 hard Challenge this year, and it helped me enormously to gain my focus back after losing my dad and while I was in Slovakia looking after my mum. This challenge is a transformative mental toughness program, and I can tell you it is challenging! But also so rewarding!

John and I like to watch a good film or gripping series on the telly in the evening, surrounded by our dogs.
About 10 pm, I’ll go and let the boarding dogs out for their last pee and cuddles, and then it’s bedtime for me. And the same next day… unless we go away and then I can have a good lying in.

Jitka & Bea xx

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