Dogs And Their Senior Moments

January 30th, 2020

Alzheimer’s and dementia are the most emotionally-triggering degenerative diseases for humans and for our four-legged companions.

We don’t know what’s going on in our dogs’ heads, what they think, and how are they’re feeling about the premature ageing of their brain. Do they, perhaps, just go with the flow and it’s just a new normal for them? I’m guessing this is the case…

Dogs and their senior moments – doggie dementia.

Dogs live in the moment.

They don’t worry about things like we do. And isn’t it so beautiful? Maybe something we should learn from them. Living in the present moment means letting go of the fear of what the future holds. Because of this, I assume that the behavioural changes coming with ageing are the new normal for them… they don’t overanalyse it and just take it as it is. Even though this might be the case it’s still very emotional for us to watch. And we do try anything we can to help them.

One of the things we can do is to modify their diet…

I’m not a nutritionist. However, I love to read and learn about healthy foods, not just for us but for our furry companions as well.

These are the foods that I’ve learned are beneficial for the brain:

🧠 Food rich in Omega 3’s

Research shows that people whose diets contain daily omega 3’s have been shown to have 26% less risk of having brain lesions that cause dementia compared with those who do not. About 60% of our brain is made of fat and half of that fat is the omega-3 kind.

Our brain uses omega-3’s to build brain and nerve cells and these fats are essential for learning and memory. Also, they are helping the brain maintain shape. All mammals have a similar brain structure so why not apply this to our dogs’ care and diet?

Sources of Omega-3’s:

Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, herring)
Cod liver oil
Flax seeds
Olive oil
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds

🧠 Berries and cherries

These fruits contain anthocyanin. It is a class of compounds (in fact, a pigment) with antioxidant effects that protect the brain from further damage caused by free radicals. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and contain lots of vitamin C and E.

🧠 Turmeric

I’ve written about turmeric and its benefits a few times. And here’s another bonus from this exotic spice… it has numerous benefits for the brain! Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it can directly enter the brain and benefit the cells there. Also, it’s a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound.

If you want to know more about turmeric, pop over to my blog Have You Tried Turmeric?

🧠 Hemp seeds

In addition to protein, magnesium, iron, and zinc, hemp seeds also contain approximately 30% oil as well as a good amount of omega-3’s.

🧠 Pumpkin seeds

These seeds contain powerful antioxidants that protect the body and brain from free radical damage. Also they’re an excellent source of magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper.

And there you have it…

If you’re wanting to support your brain, add these foods to your diet. Don’t, however, forget coffee to increase your alertness, improve your mood and sharpen your concentration. On top of this… dark chocolate… it’s packed with a few brain-boosting compounds, including flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants 🍫.


My excuse? I’m having another cup of coffee and another piece of dark chocolate because I’m feeding my brain 😂

Jitka xx

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