Dog Skin Care – Exfoliation

September 1st, 2021

Are you considering adding something else to your dog’s skincare? Something that’s not only beneficial but also natural, accessible and affordable? Well then, why not try exfoliation?

What’s exfoliation?

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface and can be mechanical or chemical.

Benefits of exfoliation

1. It removes dead skin cells – When it comes to us, the accumulation of dirt on the skin may cause damage to our skin and make it look dull. Exfoliation helps eliminate the dead skin to expose the fresh skin. 

2. Improves blood flow – Apart from removing the oldest skin cells, exfoliation increases blood flow in the skin.

3. Absorption of beneficial minerals – Our dog’s bodies absorb the many minerals from the oils and salts which add to the scrubs via dermal absorption (just as we do).

Make your own Sea Salt and Coconut Oil Scrub

A sea salt scrub is beneficial because of its exfoliating properties and the benefits of the sea salt and coconut oil themselves. Granulated particles of sea salt in your homemade scrub will slough off dead surface skin cells and smooth the rough patches of skin. It’ll also help remove toxins from the skin and contains many skin nourishing minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iodine, and calcium.

Virgin coconut oil is bactericidal as it kills bacteria and is also antiviral. It’s also high in lauric acid which is known to damage the lipid cover of some viruses; therefore, it’s antiviral.  Another benefit of lauric acid is its high affinity for hair proteins and because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, can penetrate inside the hair shaft. Therefore coconut oil reduces protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair.

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  • Mix them well together and use!

 How to use the scrub:

  1. Wash the dog well before so that the skin and coat are squeaky clean.
  2. Apply the scrub with gentle circulatory movements and massage all over the body, avoiding the eyes and nose.
  3. Rinse with warm water and wash with your favourite shampoo.
What salts to use?

Dead Sea SaltThis salt is different from other sea salts in terms of its mineral content. 

Dead sea salts are rich in minerals (including magnesium) and they also help release tension and help a dog to relax.

 Hawaiian Black Lava Sea SaltMade from Sea Salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean, this salt is infused with activated charcoal (derived from coconut shells) to give it the distinctive black colour. It’s also known to have detoxifying and purifying qualities.

 Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is a mineral compound called magnesium sulfate. It’s used in everything from gardening to stabilizing aquarium water content. Epsom salt is great for active, working dogs as it helps draw lactic acid from the body, which causes cramping and joint issues. If you have the same problem, try it! Epsom salts also help skin conditions. Itchy, sensitive skin and rashes respond very well to it and it also helps to soothe embedded or ripped nails.

How often should I exfoliate?

I would suggest using a salt scrub not more often than once a month.

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  1. Annie Jones ( 3rd September 2021 at 8:25 am )

    Very helpful Jitka

    • jitka ( 4th September 2021 at 11:56 am )

      Thank you, Annie 🙂


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When we got home from the hospital with our new arrival it was clear that Perri, one of our miniature poodles, maternal instincts kicked in and went into overdrive. She was immediately acting like a mother separated from her pups and just wanted to care for the ‘naked puppy’. She has a history of being so motherly, even to the point that she has produced milk for puppies that aren’t hers even before she had a litter and has mothered every type of animal she could. She was panting, pacing and unable to relax for long at all. She could whine for England!

We tried other herbal remedies we had at hand for a previous anxious dog and nothing worked at all. She stopped eating and stressed herself into overheating too. Her stress was starting to impact the other dogs and she just couldn’t unwind. No matter if we worked off her energy with a walk and she wasn’t even interested in her usual mind games or call games. We also couldn’t offer long-lasting treats and chews too often as they gave her an upset stomach.

As soon as the Calming Floral Spray arrived I gave the bed a spritz and put some on her coat and the change was instant. She just got on her bed and fell asleep. She stopped panting and barely whines now, started eating again and she only does a bit of whining if the baby cries. We have now been able to positively reinforce her calm behaviour. I honestly can’t recommend this enough to people.
Natalie Griffiths