Christmas – Walk Down Memory Lane

December 18th, 2021

Everything is at the moment about Christmas. Even our brainstorming sessions are about upcoming Christmas and Christmas in the past.
And these memories are always filled with funny stories with our dogs.

Let us take you down memory lane…

Every year this time of the year, I have fond memories
of when our little Maltese doggie Ashulka was still with us, says Bea.
Ashulka lived a happy and healthy life for more than 18 years.
She was always up to something, very tomboyish. I like to remember her, especially through her mischief during Christmas time. Nothing was safe from her. She had ideas to compensate for her height, often involving a chair. Ashulka was able to get pretty much everywhere. To jump on the table and help herself with cakes, goulash, well, anything she fancies when we were not looking.

We would have a real tree decorated with lots of lights, baubles, tinsels, and lots of Christmas chocolate decorations. My brother and I were in charge of our tree decorations, so we always overloaded it with Christmas chocolates. It also meant that all the bottom parts of the tree would be full of hanging chocolates.

The funny thing was that every morning from 24th up to the 6th of January, there were lots of unwrapped empty chocolate wrappers hanging from the bottom of our tree. For many years, I thought my brother Ferko was too lazy to take the chocolates off the tree. But then, one morning, I caught Ashulka skilfully unwrapping one chocolate with her little tongue. She was caught red-handed!

We weren’t concerned at all. Maybe only concern was that she might have pulled the Christmas lights on her. We are talking now back in the 90ties. Back then we didn’t know that chocolates and sweets were dangerous for our doggies. We would think of it as a treat, and we liked to treat our dog a lot! We used to give her also a cube of sugar. She would have eaten anything between 10-15 small cubes per day. I know it’s crazy!! But we thought nothing of it back then.

My first dog Ajo, was a crafty thief, says Jitka.
Like many people with dogs these days, we tied our Christmas tree to the radiator because we were worried he would pull it down. He never even tried that! He had a much better trick in his sleeves! Same as Bea’s, we filled our tree with Christmas chocolates, but also with handmade gingerbreads my mom would make.

And because the gingerbread wasn’t wrapped, we didn’t know Ajo was stealing them from our Christmas tree. Until one day, when we caught him sneaking out of the living room, ears down, trying to look invisible, with a piece of string hanging from his mouth. He wasn’t that keen on chocolates. However, our rescue dachshund Bobesh, stole only chocolates! She would make a blanket nest on the sofa, unwrap them there, so the sofa cover looked like somebody pooped there! 

We thought it was hilarious! Purposely we would hang the gingerbreads on the lower branches and watch our dog steal them. Bless his little heart; he was so careful, thinking no one could see him. 

Like Bea’s family, we didn’t know about the dangers of chocolate and excessive sugar to dogs. 

Did you know about that if you had a dog in the ’80s and even ’90s?

I think it’s only thanks to the Internet we have all the knowledge available. 

Do you have any funny Christmas stories involving your dog? If yes, we would love to hear from you.

Jitka & Bea xx

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