Can I Add Essential Oils To My Dog’s Shampoo?

July 19th, 2021

Do you want to add more therapeutic properties to your dog’s shampoo?
You know how beneficial essential oils are, but you are not sure what essential oils are safe to add to your dog’s shampoo? But mainly how to dilute them safely?
Then this blog post is for you!

Essential oils are not dispersed in a shampoo. 

Why are essential oils are not dispersed in a shampoo? The shampoo is water-based, and essential oils are not soluble in water. That means if you add essential oils to shampoo, the essential oil drops will just float on the top. That means the essential oils won’t be diluted, and when they come in contact with the skin, they may cause sting and even irritation.

Essential oils are soluble in carrier oils, i.e., sweet almond oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil, and many others. Before you decide to add essential oil to shampoo, I would suggest diluting it in one of the plant oils mentioned above. 

You can also dilute your chosen essential oils in Solubol or fraction coconut oil.


Solubol, is an all-natural emulsifier that disperses essential oils through water-based carriers, like shampoos, gels, and lotions.
Use 4 drops of Solubol for every 1 drop of essential oil.

Fractioned coconut oil

It’s evident from the name that fractionated coconut oil comes from coconuts. The ‘fractionated’ part of the name means it has been processed to separate out certain fatty acids. The method of fraction uses the different melting points of fats to separate them. Fractionated coconut oil is also always liquid, which makes it easier to work with. It stays liquid even in the fridge.

Can I Add Essential Oils To My Dog’s Shampoo?
Choose high-quality essential oils.

When you are using essential oils for therapeutic purposes ( like adding the oils to your dog’s shampoo), you have to choose essential oils of the highest quality. 

Always choose pure and natural essential oil. This indicates there are no synthetic materials added to essential oils. 

Essential oils used for the aromatherapeutic purpose must be genuine and authentic. This means that the botanical purity of the essential oil should be known and that the oil is unaltered in any way. 

Here are some of my favourite suppliers: Penny Price Aromatherapy, Oshadhi, Naturally Thinking.

Once you dilute your essential oils in Solubol or fractioned coconut, then you can add them to your shampoo. 

Few things to keep in mind:
  • Always shake the shampoo before using it to redistribute the oils throughout the shampoo.
  • Be careful not to get essential oils in your eyes, as they can irritate them.
  • Store your shampoo with added essential oil in a dark bottle ( preferably glass) with a tight lid. Light, heat, and oxygen can destroy the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

What essential oils would you like to add to your shampoo and why?

Jitka xx

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