Calming Floral Spray Smells Great, But So Far Hasn’t Calmed My Cockapoo Pup!

June 3rd, 2021

I recently received three stars, and this feedback on Feefo: “Calming Floral Spray smells great, but so far hasn’t calmed my Cockapoo pup!” Trusted customer. 

Feefo only collects ratings and reviews from verified customers – that means they are always genuine. And I appreciate this!

This feedback made me think. 

Even though I receive a lot of feedback for the calming spray, saying: “This stuff is magic!” “Dog love in a bottle.” “My dogs can enjoy traveling now.” “My dog slept through the fireworks.” the Calming Floral Spray, and also Comfort Blend, is no cure for everything, for every behaviour. 

Calming Floral Spray Smells Great, But So Far Hasn’t Calmed My Cockapoo Pup!

Our dogs’ behaviour, and ours as well, is a very complex thing. Behaviour is how an animal or person behaves in response to a particular situation or stimulus.

People and dogs also develop behaviour skills over time as they get older and mature.

Let’s say your cockapoo puppy or even an adult dog is hyperactive. And you bought the Calming Floral Spray to calm him down. In most cases, the calming spray helps because of the therapeutic properties of essential oils in it: 

  • Petitgrain – has a stabilising effect on the nervous system
  • Lavender – well known for its harmonising effect on the nervous system
  • Spikenard – has similar sedating properties to that of valerian, with a more pleasant aroma
  • Sweet Orange – relaxing oil with antidepressant and mildly sedative effect
  • Ylang Ylang – known as an antidepressant, and able to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Roman Chamomile – alleviates stress and anxiety
However, we have to look at the reasons causing hyperactivity. 

Is it a lack of physical or mental stimulation?

What are the triggers causing overexcitement? 

Are you unconsciously (or consciously) rewarding the behavior, and that’s the reason why your dog keeps repeating it? 

Niki’s rescue dog Bodie – he gets a spritz of calming spray every morning

I’m not a dog trainer or dog behaviourist, and I’m just sharing my experiences I gained over the years living and working with dogs.

But let’s hear from dog trainer Niki French what she says about calmness and what we can do, apart from using Calming Floral Spray.

“Calmness is something a lot of dogs can struggle with. And it can be at the heart of lots of behaviours that we’d rather they didn’t do. By spending time every day on calming activities, we can help our dogs become calm more of the time. 

Starting the day off right can set the tone for how the rest of the day looks. So why not follow a spritz of the Calming Floral Spray with a calming lick mat before you take them out for a morning walk? 

Dogs get better at what they do every day. So if they get a chance to bark regularly at birds in the garden, they’re more likely to keep doing it. If they pull on the lead on lots of walks, guess what? They’ll keep doing it. These things can easily become ingrained habits. And perhaps you give up trying to change them. 

By managing the habits we’d like to change and building new ones, we can make significant changes to their behaviours. Pairing something like the Calming Floral Spray with a plan of training games is ideal. We can make sure our dogs are getting plenty of the right kind of physical exercise and mental stimulation for a calm and happy dog. “

If you’re looking for more tips from Niki on how to train your dog to be calm more of the time, visit

Have you tried Calming Floral Spray on your dog? Share your experience with us 😀

2 thoughts on "Calming Floral Spray Smells Great, But So Far Hasn’t Calmed My Cockapoo Pup!"

  1. Camille hudson ( 9th September 2021 at 11:52 am )

    Hi I use the calming spray regular on all the dogs I groom & on my four dachshunds I believe it 100%work & I will be buying it regular.
    All your products are lovely I also love the paw balm & ear cleaner.
    Thank you for the products I love them xx

    • jitka ( 9th September 2021 at 5:56 pm )

      Thank you, Camille for your kind words 🙂 It makes me so happy knowing my products are helping dogs xx


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