Daily Routine at Vita Canis Dog Boarding Kennels

Our day starts at 7 am. After saying Good morning to our holidaymakers, we walk them all individually. The morning walk lasts approximately 20 minutes.

After the walk, we do a physical health check.
From 9 am, breakfast is served! We encourage each dog parent to bring the dog’s own food. The sudden change in food can upset some dogs’ digestive systems. However, if for some reason you forget your dog food, don’t worry! We have a range of complete food and treats available.
After feeding, the holidaymakers rest in their individual kennels.

While the dogs are resting, we clean the outside area.
Each dog will have another walk and interactive session filled with enrichment activities.
In the afternoon, we brush the dogs that require it & we walk them all again in the late afternoon. A lovely evening meal follows the afternoon walk.
At 10 pm, we let the dogs out for their wee and to say good night! Before we leave, we put Calming wax melts in the plug-in wax melt burner to ensure our holidaymakers have a lovely peaceful night.

What People Say...

I have three elderly dogs, all 14 years old. They have specific needs and I wouldn’t feel safe leaving them anywhere else. They love staying with Rachel at Vita Canis dog boarding kennels! And they have been staying there for years when we are going on holiday.

I know they always get the best care and plenty of fuss. I get daily updates on how are they doing and what they have been up to.

Klaudia Szonyi