Terms & Conditions

Check In & Check Out

Monday – Sunday 10:00 am—11:00 am and 4:00 pm—5:00 pm


Your dog remains your responsibility until you have booked in with a member of Vita Canis Boarding Kennels staff at reception and handed your dog over to a member of staff.

You, the dog owner, are responsible to update us whenever a change happens, for example vaccination dates, new address, phone number, emergency contact etc

The owner must ensure his/her dog(s) have a collar with identification tag, which states owners name & telephone number. Off the premises the dog will have a tag with our identification details on it: Vita Canis 07928 809 992

Vaccinations & Worming

No dog will be accepted unless proof of vaccinations (including kennel cough) is provided either before or on arrival at Vita Canis Boarding Kennels. Any dog arriving without proof of all vaccinations will be refused to stay with us. We accept titre testing as an alternative to vaccinations.

Kennel Cough

This is an airborne infection and outside the control of Vita Canis Boarding Kennels. We will never knowingly accept a dog with the condition, but as incubation can exceed 10 days, it may not be undetectable prior to arrival. The OWNER therefore accepts that this hazard exists, and even with Kennel Cough vaccination, dogs can become effected, the symptoms are milder.

All dogs must be up to date with anti flea/tick treatment and wormer.

Food & Treats

The owner is to bring his/her dog’s own food and preferred treats to cover duration of visit. Should additional food be required, full cost of purchase will be added to the bill payable on collection. All food must be clearly labelled and measurements per meal advised.

Fees & Payment

  • £ 20 per dog in one kennel
  • £ 35 for 2 dogs from one family, sharing a kennel
  • £ 45 for 3 medium dogs from one family, sharing a kennel
  • £ 55 for 4 small dogs from one family, sharing a kennel

Overnight stay from 4-5pm, till 10am the next day:

  • £25 per dog in one kennel
  • £45 for 2 dogs from one family, sharing a kennel
  • £60 for 3 medium dogs from one family, sharing a kennel
  • £65 for 4 small dogs from one family, sharing a kennel


  • 8am – 6pm, or any part of the day between 8am and 6pm £25

Winter energy surcharge between October and April £2 per kennel per day.

Fees are charged on a daily rate, or any part of a day, which includes the day of arrival and the day of departure. Failure to collect within agreed time period will incur an additional cost of £5 per hour until collected.

Payment methods accepted are cash or card payments, we do not accept cheques.

Pricing is reviewed annually and is subject to change immediately however, if you already have a booking with us prior to a price increase we will honour the prices at the time of booking.

If you choose to collect your dog before the end of their arranged departure date, the total charge will still stay the same due to their kennel being allocated for their entire stay.

Veterinary Procedure

You must declare any existing or ongoing medical conditions prior to your dogs stay. We reserve the right to refuse any animal who is not fit for boarding at our discretion. You authorise veterinary treatment to be carried out should it be considered necessary at our discretion during the period of boarding with us. Our registered vets are The Uttoxeter Veterinary Practice.

Any dog requiring veterinary attention, (in the opinion of Vita Canis) will be taken to your own vet, (if local) during opening hours. Out of hours or non-local clients will be treated by our local veterinary practice, The Uttoxeter Vet Practice. The owner is liable for all veterinary consultation & treatment fees plus travel expenses incurred by Vita Canis. Payment must be made in full before the dog is collected. If your appointed vets are used, all fees will be on left on your account to settle directly with your vet.

Uncollected Dogs

Vita Canis Boarding Kennels reserve the right to re-home any dog that is not collected within 14 days of the departure date agreed. Prior to this action being taken we would endeavour to contact the owner and emergency contact. The owner is responsible for all rehoming and boarding costs past the agreed departure date.

CCTV footage is the sole property of Vita Canis. Footage will not release under any circumstances.

What People Say...

Nowhere else do I feel safe and at ease leaving my dogs! Especially with a reactive dog. I know Rachel fully understands my dogs’ needs and I can enjoy my break.

Lisa Hart