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Aromatherapy for dogs & safe use of essential oils.

November 26th, 2020

Do you have a couple of essential oils at home? Or maybe even a full box, and you’ve been wondering what oils you can use and how? You read about aromatherapy for dogs, and you about to buy some essential oils, but you’re overwhelmed by the online choice as well as all the information?

There are lots of different things essential oils can do with their small but mighty aromatic compounds. For instance, some of them can even calm you and your dog down while others can cheer you both up. They can also improve your focus, enhance your beauty regime, heal your skin and much more.

Safety considerations are so important when it comes to using essential oils with our canine friends because, without a doubt, dogs are more sensitive to them than we are.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when using essential oils for dogs:

1) Always use high quality essential oils from a reputable and trusted supplier. If you need any help to choose one, comment below.

2) Dilute. Always. This is so so important! Use a dilution of 1 – 2 %, meaning 10 drops of essential oil in 15ml of a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, olive oil, etc.

3) Dilute your essential oils in natural ingredient such as carrier oil, for example sweet almond il, olive oil or jojoba oil. When diluting in shampoo, choose one that is as natural as possible.

4) Do not use essential oils in or close to the eyes, directly on the nose, or in the anal or genital areas.

5) Don’t use essential oils on puppies younger than eight weeks or with toy breeds younger than ten weeks. The safest way to use aromatherapy with puppies is to use hydrosols.

6) Always introduce essential oil blends gradually  and in small amounts. Let your dog sniff your blend and watch carefully for any adverse reaction. Like whining, panting, drooling or rubbing his/her face on the carpet. These are not common reactions but they could be indications that your dog doesn’t like them.

7) Use less diluted essential oils with small dogs than with large dogs.

8) Use essential oils in moderation with all dogs. But especially with very old dogs or dogs that are pregnant or ill. Be cautious with dogs that you have any special concerns about as well as epileptic dogs. It’s believed that certain essential oils, particularly Rosemary, can set off seizures in humans.

9) Don’t give essentials to your dog internally. Only if they are chosen by self-selection or recommended and/or supervised by a zoopharmacognosy practitioner.

10) If you choose to make your own blend don’t rely on a single essential oil. Blending 3 – 5 essential oils or hydrosols creates powerful synergy and increases the therapeutic benefits.

I hope these 10 tips have helped clarify a few things when it comes to using essential oils with your dog.

In my next blog I’ll be sharing a list of essential oils to avoid with dogs.

Keep calm, stay safe & keep aromatherapying!


What People Say...

Hi Jitka, I contacted you about your Skin Relief Spray and your Hand Butter about a week ago as my 89-year-old mum suffers from terribly itchy skin. We’ve tried almost every skin product from the usual chemists and have resorted to antihistamines after checking they are okay with mums other atrial fibrillation tabs.

Unfortunately, these can cause nose bleeds so a new remedy was required. We’ve been using the Vita Canis Soothing Antiseptic Spray for thee days and her back is no longer driving her mad with itching. The Hand Butter has been applied to her feet with the same excellent results. We will continue using the spray and butter and I will give you another update next week but things are looking promising.
Jenni Owen