Are There More Ticks Around These Days?

July 25th, 2018

Do you feel like there are more ticks around these days? I certainly do!

As a child, I never found insects, bugs, and other little creatures scary or disgusting … including ticks. I know, little weirdo I am … we even used to pick off ticks with our bare hands and squash them. We didn’t know about the potential danger back then.

The first time I really thought about how dangerous ticks were was when I was 16. I was suspected of having the encephalitis virus. And had to have a lumbar puncture done, to collect cerebrospinal fluid for diagnostic testing. Not nice!

Are There More Ticks Around These Days?

At about the same time, I also heard about Lyme disease for the first time. One of our family friends’ got it and he spent a few weeks in the hospital, aching all over. And apparently almost like he had paralysed legs. And then his dog got it a few years later. But as he knew the symptoms they rushed to the vet immediately.

These little creatures were always very common in Slovakia. But when I moved to the UK, I was surprised not to have seen any ticks and fleas on my client’s dogs. I thought that perhaps the dogs here were better cared for. Or that there weren’t as many of these parasites in the UK?

It’s only been in the last few years, and also maybe thanks to social media, that we talk more about ticks, the danger they pose, and how to deal with them. We are also now seeing more of them as well, and last year I had a client’s dog on my table where I removed about 20 ticks!! No exaggeration!

I have done some research over the years and learned that ticks have become more abundant, and extended their distribution, in Europe during the last two to three decades. Changes in farming, global warming, more animals moving around and across the borders, all contribute to ticks expanding their distribution.

Years ago you might come across ticks in rural areas and woods only, but these days we are at risk of tick bites (unless you are wearing Bodyguard Insect repellent bracelet ) when spending time in public areas like parks, beer gardens, picnic spots, gardens, while camping, cycling, running, or doing any outdoor activities.

The good news is, ticks don’t like some of the essential oils. Which is really good for us, for our environment, and our planet. To read more about how the Tick Off works read our blog here:

The Bodyguard Insect repellent bracelet works on the same principle and will protect you from ticks, mosquitos, and other insects.

Despite all the potential danger from the ticks, and fleas, and mosquitos, and horse flies… I really hope you are enjoying the glorious weather we are having. I think we will all remember the summer of 2018 as the good and proper one 😊

Jitka xx

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