Age Is Just A Number

September 8th, 2022

Saying that age is just a number sometimes sounds like a cliché but not when it comes to changes in career, especially in the grooming industry. Don’t you agree? There is not too young or not too old to start something new. Everybody takes their own pace. How many dogs you can groom in a day is not a competition. The main thing is that you enjoy what you are doing. 

Jitka teaches grooming courses, and her students often worry about their age. These worries shouldn’t stop you from learning something new and gaining a new skill or improving your existing skills. Age is really just a number!

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle’. —Steve Jobs

There are many different reasons why people decide to change their careers:

*Wanting more flexible hours to suit around family 

*Less stress

*More money

*Wanting to manage own business

*Turning a hobby into a job

*Being bored or not happy in current job

*Wanting a new challenge

Things to consider when thinking about career change:

*Evaluate your current job and what made you consider a career change. 

*Do a pros and cons list. 

*Assess your skills and interests and think about the careers which would suit you and your lifestyle

*Research careers. Find out as much as possible about the job roles you are interested in.

*Arrange work experience; talk to someone who is already doing the job you set your heart on.

*Learn new skills that could help you to change your career. Develop the skills before you do the career change. Some jobs can be done part-time and later progress to full-time like ‘Grooming.’

*Consider if you have time and funds for the new courses or college to gain new skills. Remember they won’t be cheap but think about it as a good investment!

Deciding on becoming a groomer

So, you thought hard and long and decided to become a groomer. Now is the right time to look for some good courses where you can gain your qualification. Always do your research and read reviews or ask for recommendations. 

Jitka’s grooming courses at Vita Canis are very popular. Do you want to become a professional dog groomer, run your own dog grooming business, and gain City & Guild qualifications? Or are you an established dog groomer wanting to improve your skill or learn new techniques? Jitka also offers one-to-one sessions for dog parents who want to learn to trim their own dogs. Some students decided to top up their skills in one day Handstripping course, and others will go for 15 days, 20 days, or 32 days course and learn over a more extended period. There is plenty to choose from to suit your needs and help you in your career change. 

Bea xx

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I have three elderly dogs, all 14 years old. They have specific needs and I wouldn’t feel safe leaving them anywhere else. They love staying with Rachel at Vita Canis dog boarding kennels! And they have been staying there for years when we are going on holiday.

I know they always get the best care and plenty of fuss. I get daily updates on how are they doing and what they have been up to.

Klaudia Szonyi