A Day Out – Park Etiquette with a Dog

April 1st, 2021

The restrictions have been lifted slightly, and we have more freedom to move around. I bet you’re all as relieved as I am!  Richard and I decided to celebrate with a day out and visit the Chatsworth estate. Unfortunately, the house was still closed, and we didn’t get to go to the gardens either, but we’ll save it for later in the year when the gardens are in bloom.

We still took a nice walk around, though, and it was just magical. The sun was shining, and it was nice and warm. There were many people around, but it wasn’t too busy. This was perfect as it was a great opportunity to start socializing Richard again.

Calming Floral Spray always handy.

I packed a small bottle of Calming Floral Spray because I didn’t know how Richard would react. He’s such a big baby, and apart from us, girls in the salon, and the vet, he hasn’t seen anyone for over a year.  Surprisingly though, he didn’t need it. He walked calmly past the other people and looked over at the other dogs but didn’t pull towards them. He took a few friendly sniffs, and that’s all. Perhaps he’s finally matured?

It was only when I saw a massive flock of sheep, as well as some deer in the distance, that I panicked a bit. My heart rate increased and I started contemplating other routes to take to avoid them. I knew he would start pulling towards them and possibly jump and bark and I didn’t want that at all. It was then that I remembered the Calming Floral Spray. To be honest, I’d never tried it in a situation like this because I’ve never had it with me in the past when we came upon livestock.

I sprayed myself first because I didn’t want Richard to pick up on my emotions and then I sprayed his front. He had already spotted the sheep so I took a few deep breaths and slowly walked towards them very casually. To my surprise, Richard remained on a pretty loose lead. He observed the sheep but didn’t pull towards them. When I called him he even reacted and acknowledged me. Yay! It was the most relaxing walk alongside livestock that we’ve ever experienced! From now on the Calming Floral Spray will be in my pocket wherever we go.

While I was packing my bag (which included Calming Floral Spray, treats, and poo bags) for our day out, it got me thinking about park etiquette. As dog parents, we are responsible for our dogs. Period. We are responsible for what they do and how they act at all times.

My thoughts…

  1. Pick up the poo! Seriously, not picking up poo is one of the biggest faux pas in my opinion! It is one of the main reasons why dogs are not allowed in some places. It doesn’t take much effort to clean up. Just remember the poo bags and please put them in a bin. Don’t hang them on a tree branch or leave them on the grass… yes we saw a few there 🙈.
  • It’s unbelievable (to me at least) but some people don’t like dogs. You and I don’t get it, but we have to respect it and so do our dogs. It’s therefore, our responsibility to not let our dogs sniff, lick, or jump on other people. I always assume that other people are not interested in my dog (even though this doesn’t make sense to me) and act accordingly.
  • If you have a female dog that’s in season, don’t take her to a busy park. Her presence can be very distracting to male dogs. They’ll also remember her days after meeting her resulting in sleepless nights for their owners. A male dog in love is hard work!
  • Not every dog is friendly. The same rule about greeting strangers applies to greeting other dogs. We have to respect other people and their dogs and understand that not every dog is friendly. If your dog is off the lead and you see another dog on a lead, the best thing to do is to call your dog back as you just don’t know what could happen. 

Keep your dog on a lead when you see other animals around. My first dog wasn’t bothered with other animals at all however my terriers are bothered too much! I wouldn’t want to risk anything.

Are you looking forward to going out and seeing your friends? I bet you are! It’s been far too long for all of us.


What People Say...

When we got home from the hospital with our new arrival it was clear that Perri, one of our miniature poodles, maternal instincts kicked in and went into overdrive. She was immediately acting like a mother separated from her pups and just wanted to care for the ‘naked puppy’. She has a history of being so motherly, even to the point that she has produced milk for puppies that aren’t hers even before she had a litter and has mothered every type of animal she could. She was panting, pacing and unable to relax for long at all. She could whine for England!

We tried other herbal remedies we had at hand for a previous anxious dog and nothing worked at all. She stopped eating and stressed herself into overheating too. Her stress was starting to impact the other dogs and she just couldn’t unwind. No matter if we worked off her energy with a walk and she wasn’t even interested in her usual mind games or call games. We also couldn’t offer long-lasting treats and chews too often as they gave her an upset stomach.

As soon as the Calming Floral Spray arrived I gave the bed a spritz and put some on her coat and the change was instant. She just got on her bed and fell asleep. She stopped panting and barely whines now, started eating again and she only does a bit of whining if the baby cries. We have now been able to positively reinforce her calm behaviour. I honestly can’t recommend this enough to people.
Natalie Griffiths