5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Dog

June 18th, 2020

Summer is here, even if it doesn’t look like it, but hopefully, we’ll get some nice weather soon. When it arrives, be prepared with these 5 tips for summer activities you can do with your dog!

1. Paddling and swimming.

This is the most obvious summer activity, as you can imagine 😊.

When it comes to water all my dogs are different. Mr. Tank just loves water and so does Martha, my other Scotty. Mr. Tank loves his paddling pool so much and gets so excited that he bites the walls of the pool to the point that we can’t use it anymore. As a result, we’ve gone through quite a few of them over the years 😂.

On the other hand, Rosie, the old wise lady, stands in her water bowl and has an occasional lick, lol. Adele does the same but she has to be in the mood. My other Lakeland, Tinker Bell (Adele’s daughter), is not keen on the water at all. She doesn’t like getting wet and she also doesn’t like it when the others are having too much fun in the paddling pool. Is she jealous, or what?

Richard hates water with a passion! He runs away from the hose and he won’t even step into a puddle. When we went for hydrotherapy he wouldn’t even move on the water treadmill for the first few sessions and stayed glued to the belt! No idea why?

Apparently, Airedales were also called Waterside Terriers as they originated in the valley (dale) of the river Aire, in Yorkshire. I would definitely not call Richard a Waterside terrier lol. 

2. Hills and beaches.

Dogs love hiking, walks on the beach, and exploring new places. Be sure to find a dog-friendly beach and trail though. Don’t forget your poo bags, water, treats, and snacks because these are your necessities!

If you often go hiking or on beach holidays with your dog make sure to check his paws regularly. Years ago we went for an all-day hike and poor Blondie scraped her paw pads on the rocks we were walking on. Looking back now, I wish I had had Soothing Antiseptic Spray and Paw Butter at that time. They would have made such a difference for her!

3. Pupsicles and ice cream.

This is where you can get really creative!

Mash your dog’s favourite fruit and/or veggies and fill an ice mould or any other moulds you like and have. Put it in the freezer and VOILA … frozen doggy treats! You can also use meat or veggie stock with chunks of meat and veggies.

Here’s a very simple recipe for a healthy, delicious ice cream you can share with your doggo:


  • 4 very ripe bananas


  • Slice the bananas and put them into a covered container
  • Freeze for at least 12 hours.
  • Allow to thaw for 5 minutes before processing in a food processor until light and whippy-like.
  • Serve with chopped nuts, nut cream, chocolate chips or your other favourite toppings. Serves 2-3.

Variation: Add cocoa powder to make chocolate ice cream. This is not for your dog though!!!! Be careful that you don’t strain your food processor too hard. Just a little tip 😉

4. Twist with the Kong.

Does your dog like the Kong as much as my dogs? Have you thought about filling it with something delicious like meat, mashed veggies, or peanut butter and then freezing it? Give it a try and let me know if it’s a hit!

5. Early morning walks.

My dogs and I are morning people. Most often than not you’ll find us out in the early morning, walking around the quarry behind our house. I love early morning walks in summer with the quietness, haze, and breeze and no one around except me and my dogs ❤️.

What are you up to this summer?

What are your 5 summer activities with your dog?

I love trying new activities with my doggies and always love to hear new ideas!

Stay safe!

Love, Jitka xx

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What People Say...

When we got home from the hospital with our new arrival it was clear that Perri, one of our miniature poodles, maternal instincts kicked in and went into overdrive. She was immediately acting like a mother separated from her pups and just wanted to care for the ‘naked puppy’. She has a history of being so motherly, even to the point that she has produced milk for puppies that aren’t hers even before she had a litter and has mothered every type of animal she could. She was panting, pacing and unable to relax for long at all. She could whine for England!

We tried other herbal remedies we had at hand for a previous anxious dog and nothing worked at all. She stopped eating and stressed herself into overheating too. Her stress was starting to impact the other dogs and she just couldn’t unwind. No matter if we worked off her energy with a walk and she wasn’t even interested in her usual mind games or call games. We also couldn’t offer long-lasting treats and chews too often as they gave her an upset stomach.

As soon as the Calming Floral Spray arrived I gave the bed a spritz and put some on her coat and the change was instant. She just got on her bed and fell asleep. She stopped panting and barely whines now, started eating again and she only does a bit of whining if the baby cries. We have now been able to positively reinforce her calm behaviour. I honestly can’t recommend this enough to people.
Natalie Griffiths